Salt Tablets vs CrampFix

If you are someone that suffers from muscle cramps frequently or whilst exercising, you would have heard to try a salt tablet to relieve those cramps. Although for some people it might help, for most people they find that having a salt tablet isn’t sufficient enough to relieve or prevent muscle cramps. 


Salt Tablets

When doing intense exercise, your body loses a high amount of fluid, salt, and other minerals in your sweat that your body needs to function. Taking a salt tablet with water helps rehydrate the body and helps increase your blood pressure which is generally low when doing extreme exercise (e.g. marathons). 

The disadvantage of taking a salt tablet is that they don’t contain other minerals to help replenish electrolyte levels. To help your muscles and nerves function to help reduce the chances of cramping, your body needs to have the right levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. 

Another con to taking salt tablets is that having too much sodium in your body can be a health risk, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or kidney issues. It can also cause an upset stomach and extreme thirst. 



Scientists now agree that the primary cause of muscle cramps is caused by the neuro-muscular function. When your muscle cramps, it causes an over-firing of the nerves. Drinking 10-20 mL of our CrampFix Sports Range, or spraying CrampFix Rapid Mouth Spray 4 times in the mouth, stimulates the sensory nerves in the mouth and throat. A signal is then sent through the spinal cord to inhibit the overactive nerve signals. The overactive nerve signals going from the nerves to the cramping muscle are interrupted and the cramp is rapidly relieved or prevented. 

Using CrampFix to relieve night cramps or exercise-related muscle cramps provides rapid relief compared to salt tablets. CrampFix relieves muscle cramps within 30 seconds to 2 minutes, whereas salt tablets take about 20 minutes to digest and work through the blood. If you need instant relief from muscle cramps, whether you are going for a jog, running a marathon, or suffer from night cramps – working through the neuro-muscular system like CrampFix does will be the fastest and most reliable way to get the results you need.

Another advantage of using CrampFix is that it does not need to be digested and if you are concerned about sodium intake you can simply swirl it around your mouth and discard it for both prevention and relief. CrampFix can easily be incorporated into athletes’ nutrition plans as it doesn’t need to be digested. You can still use your usual electrolytes, hydration, and energy products. It also reduces the risk of an upset stomach which is common amongst endurance athletes.