It’s common in field sports that some players are going to cramp when exposed to higher loads and we have looked into different solutions in the past to deal with this.

We have tried pickle juice and other solutions with limited results. CrampFix has solved all of our problems in this area, we have had 4 or 5 instances of players going into severe cramp in early season and a 20ml shot of CrampFix has alleviated all the symptoms almost instantaneously.

We’ve started using the product proactively pre game and at half time with high risk players and they have got through high loaded games with lots of contacts without any cramps.

I’ve never seen a product have this kind of effect on cramp before. Some of my players now refuse to play without taking a CrampFix at half time such is their belief in its benefit.

Anything that keeps your best players on the field is worth it and CrampFix has been invaluable to us at times this season.”




“CrampFix is actually making a huge difference” –

“I started experiencing cramps when I was about 14-15 years old. Since then I had tried multiple things such as magnesium, salts and was constantly told I must not be hydrated enough. I tried for years and made a conscious effort to drink water and hydrolytes but still struggled with cramps. Cramps generally affect me late in the game mostly in the last quarter and CrampFix is actually making a huge difference. I take it as soon as I feel a cramp coming on or get fatigued and it seems to postpone/get rid of the cramping all together”.


“Ever since starting triathlon in 2015 I’ve experienced muscle cramps in almost every race, usually on the run and was finding I’d start to cramp on the bike in a half Ironman too.

While walking through the Cairns Ironman Expo in 2017, I came across CrampFix and asked how their product works, what athletes have used it before and what have the athletes said about it. After having a chat to Jan and Michelle, the owners, I decided to buy a couple of bottles. I don’t usually like to try new things on race day but thought I’d just have it there as an “in case of emergency” situation.

I carried a bottle in my bento box on the bike and put the other one in my back race suit pocket when I got into Transition 2 for the run. I ended up having a mouthful on the bike around the 60km mark when I could feel the very start of a muscle cramp going on. The cramps stayed at bay until 12km on the run when I could feel another one about to start so I had another mouthful and the cramps disappeared again.

…and I ended up with a 15 minute personal best time over the Ironman 70.3 distance and 3rd in the Female 25-29 Age Group.



CrampFix really works for me and has become key in stopping my cramp issues. It’s a great product!”

England Netball player Serena Guthrie (C/WD) discovered CrampFix while playing for the GWS Giants in Suncorp Super Netball in Australia in 2017. 
Serena is an ambassador for CrampFix and is a regular user to help keep her muscle cramps under control.


“I wish to share my story with all the skeptics out there, as I was a skeptic myself.

I recently participated in the 2017 Melbourne Marathon. On the day when I went to pick up the race pack, I saw the CrampFix stand. I had never heard of CrampFix before and honestly, I thought it was just another gimmicky product. I listened to what the guy had to say about it and left.

Something prompted me to google CrampFix and I read the reviews from previous users. That made me decide that paying $10.00 for a bottle, was like buying an insurance policy. You hope that you never need to use it. As it was a reasonable amount, I bought a bottle.

On the race day, I put the bottle in my belt pocket, thinking that if I was to need to use it, it would be after the 30km mark. I had a great start and everything appeared to go my way. Except that at about the 3km mark, I started cramping in my right calf (which I had never cramped in before!). I got seriously concerned and slowed down, worrying that I would not be able to finish the race. As I was running more slowly, I managed to put up with the discomfort until about the 12km mark. At that point I used approximately half of the content of the CrampFix bottle, not holding great hopes. It took longer for the effect to take place, than the 30-60 seconds mentioned during the description of the product, a couple of days earlier, but to my surprise, after 1-2km it started working. By the time I passed the 15km point, I was not bothered by the discomfort in the right calf, anymore. I continued the race and took another sip for good measure, at the 30km mark. The rest, which was about 10ml, I took at about the 37km mark.

I managed to complete the race slightly outside of my goal of under 4.5 hours, but I believe that CrampFix made the difference between completing and not completing the event. This was my first Marathon (at age 53) and without CrampFix, the event could have been a disappointing experience.

Now, I am thinking that for next year’s Melbourne Marathon, I will buy two bottles. I will use some CrampFix before the race (as suggested on the information card), as a preventative measure and I will keep one bottle with me during the race.

Thanks guys.”

This liquid gold has saved a number of races for me now! Within 5 mins of taking it the cramps reduce and are gone completely within 10mins. I’ve experimented with other options including all the traditional electrolyte replacement, nothing has worked for me, except CrampFix.

– Chris Kane

“I usually do 4 to 5 ultra trail races every year. The distances are usually between 50km to 165km. Every time I do these runs I always take a crampfix at the first sign of cramping up and it keeps the cramp away.

– Mark Beattie

“Tried it for the first time on an over 4 hour brick session. Works extremely well. Got a cramp towards the end of the bike ride – took a 20ml shot and the cramp was gone in less than a minute. Highly recommend this product”

– Abdul Basit Aijaz

“Have used CrampFix a few times now and WOW what an amazing product!! Got terrible adductor cramps on my last half ironman run so took a shot and cramp gone virtually straight away and no issues for the final 6km!!!! Would highly recommend”

– Thea Davies

Tried your product for the first time over the weekend when I did my own simulation tri leading up to Mooloolaba 70.3. Absolute game-changer for me, no cramps at all when I usually would suffer, even after I was finished and no pains at all the days following. Super happy to have come across your product.”

– John Burrowes

First time in 5 years I completed the bike to the bay without debilitating leg cramps. I tried everything and nothing worked until I used your product. I won’t be limping for the next 3 days. Thank you!

– Ronald Sayo

CrampFix have got me through races when I needed most. The single serve 20ml sachets are very portable and the product really does takes care of cramps 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Highly recommend this product!

– Lawrence Chow

I rode in the TDU challenge, 140km into the challenge I could feel my leg starting to cramp, I used my cramp fix while still staying in the saddle, within 30 secs it was way less and after about 1 minute the cramp has gone completely, I didn’t loose time or even get off my bike, highly recommend.

– Craig Marshall

Used Crampfix for the first time at the Sunshine Coast Marathon 2017. This was my second Marathon and after the first went horribly with cramps for the last 10km. I have the ability to cramp pretty much every time I hit 2 hours at a high effort. Never in training just on race day at the higher intensity. So at about the 32km mark I again felt the start of a cramp in my hamstring coming on. I pulled out my bottle of Crampfix and had a small sip and this feeling disappeared almost straight away. I felt them happen again about twice more before the finish and just took a small sip again and away they went. Managed to finish the race without a single cramp and took 51 minutes off my time to finish just outside 3 hours. It honestly saved my race. Will always make sure to have this on me for any long races over 2 hours.

– Michael Holmes

After running my seventh marathon and only ever completing two without cramps I was beginning to think that maybe I should drop back to shorter distances. I thought I had tried everything. I saw some other reviews of the Cramp Fix product so I thought why not give it a go. My last run at Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Marathon at the twenty five km marker I felt the dreaded calf flutter start to kick in and thought to myself here I go again. I had purchase a couple of bottles the weekend before at the Melbourne marathon and carried one with me. Dragged it out of my pocket and took a sip. Wow it near took my breath away. I swished it around my mouth and swallowed it and slowed my pace waiting for a result. The result was sensational. Within two kms there were no signs of any cramps. Finished the marathon on a high with no calf pain from cramps. Thank you Cramp Fix for a truly amazing product. I’ll never head out on a marathon without it.

– Garry Russell

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