Before we embarked upon a journey to trial the benefits of using a humble jar of pickle juice to improve athlete performance, there really wasn’t another product like CrampFix® on the market.

In 2016, we began testing a specially formulated, all-natural pickle juice concoction on a team of professional rugby union players, with the aim of lengthening their on-field performance time by eliminating muscle cramps.

After almost two years of testing and tweaking, the all-natural CrampFix® was brought to market for professional athletes. 

With over 25 years’ experience in the food industry, and a highly successful pickling business under our belt, we decided to pour all our love and energy into growing a new company, Fixx Nutrition.

International exporting took off quickly, with countries such as South Korea, the United Kingdom and New Zealand keen and ready to try an all-natural product that would help improve their professional athletes’ performances. 

A sales trip through Asia resulted in exporting to the full Asian market and our overseas market continues to grow, with countries such as Brazil, Iceland and the US also realising the benefits of Fixx Nutrition’s hero product.

To our surprise the local market took longer to crack, which resulted in us really getting to the grassroots of the sporting industry in Australia.

But we think that we hit the mark when attending the 2017 Ironman Australia competition, engaging in a partnership that saw us set up a cramping station on the course for athletes.

The athletes were amazed by the results of using CrampFix® during the race, which really helped to kick off our journey. 

Now exporting to over 15 countries worldwide and stocked in over 1,000 Australian retailers, CrampFix® is the leading natural cramp relief product on the market, with a loyal following of both athletes and average Joes. 

Realising the potential of CrampFix®, we then developed a similar product specifically for the general market.

CrampFix® Rapid Mouth Spray is an all-natural spray for body muscles to help ease the effects of leg, calf, foot, toe and hand cramps.

Stocked in Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide, this product has an almost cult-like following thanks to its magical cramp-reliving abilities.

We love receiving the many amazing emails, phone calls and even letters from loyal users of CrampFix® Rapid Mouth Spray, who tout the benefits and their support of the product.

I am writing to thank you so much for your wonderful products CrampFix.  I only discovered it about 2 years ago and it works like magic for me. I’ve suffered with severe cramps for many years and the relief I get instantly is amazing, so much so that I’m telling anyone I know who needs to get the same relief I get.  

It’s a miracle product. So again, Sincere Thanks!

Loretta, NSW

July 2022

Having always been active ourselves, we run and cycle regularly, and Jan has competed in seven marathons, and one ultramarathon.

Like many businesses, Fixx Nutrition experienced a downturn in sales throughout 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on our lives.

Relying heavily on the volume of sales from large marathon events, we had to get creative as a result of the pandemic, and worked hard to expand our range.

Through our own personal sporting experiences, and through this business experience, we firstly developed a cold brew coffee product, perfect for that pre-race fuel up.

Being well-regarded as an important asset to performance, caffeine products are a mainstay in the sports nutrition industry.

Yet, most are made from synthetic caffeine and are packed full of artificial additives and chemicals.

After finding the effects of such products a hindrance to our own performance, we developed Fixx Cold Brew Coffee Shot, which offers the increased focus and energy of naturally-occurring caffeine while being kinder on the body.

The 50ml shots provide 150mg of caffeine (equivalent to two cups of coffee) in the form of a delicious-tasting cold brew that is easy on the stomach.

As a family, we are very conscience of what we eat and are fuelling our bodies with, both from a health and performance perspective.

As such, this philosophy has naturally translated into the development of all Fixx Nutrition products, as we have a policy of creating product labels that anyone can read and understand. 

Their point of difference is providing highly effective sports nutrition products that are free of artificial colours and flavours, and are as close to their natural form as possible. 

A great example of this philosophy in practice is our recently launched Fuel X Endurance Fuel.

Designed as an electrolyte energy -boosting sports drink, Fuel X helps replace valuable electrolytes lost during exercise while providing sustenance to athletes.

The delicious drink comes in six delicious flavours (watermelon, pear, lemon-lime, tropical, matcha & nude (unflavoured) all of which are coloured and flavoured naturally – matcha from green matcha powder, while the watermelon flavour gets its pink hue from the addition of beetroot powder.

This commitment to natural, clean products is what sets Fixx Nutrition apart. 

The Fixx Nutrition range now boasts over 16 products, and we have exciting plans to add more lines over the coming years.

Driven by a desire to innovate and offer customers highly effective, natural products that improve their lives, we are always looking for new ways to turn the sports nutrition industry on its head. 

Used by numerous professional sporting teams throughout Australia and worldwide – including the Melbourne Storm, Parramatta Eels, GWS Giants and the Australian Wallabies – Fix Nutrition products are used by those ‘in the know’, providing better performance outcomes. 

Operating locally on the Gold Coast, Fixx Nutrition’s warehouse and manufacturing site is located in beautiful Burleigh Heads.

We are a small team of passionate people and athletes ourselves, at Fixx Nutrition we develop and manufacture all of our products on-site.

We believe that there is always a natural solution to increasing athletic performance through nutrition and want to harness nature to improve athletic performance in the best way possible. 

Jan & Michelle Buchegger


“Our mission is to help PEOPLE TO LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE, reach their goals & have FUN”