Keeping well fueled throughout a long run can be tricky for some athletes which can lead to various problems such as dehydration, gut distress, or one of the worst, cramping muscles. These issues are the last things you should have to think about during training or on race day.
Fixx Nutrition has developed a range of products to take the trickiness away and allow runners to fuel on the go. Crampfix®, a rapid muscle cramp relief product is made in portable easy to carry sachets so they are easily accessible when a cramp strikes. The Cold Brew Espresso Shots are perfect to take at the start line for a quick energy boost and Fuel X, an ALL-IN-ONE gut friendly Endurance Fuel is designed to be sipped on to keep you going all day long!
Find out more about these products below.

Fixx Fuel X sports drink for endurance athletes


Our Fuel X Endurance sports drink mix contains everything you need to stay energized, hydrated, and replenished during training and racing. Our gut-friendly fuel has very mild flavours aiming to avoid the ever so common flavour fatigue many athletes get.

The ELECTROLYTES in Fuel X are formulated to replace everything you lose during exercise. Each serve also contains 47g of carbohydrates200 calories so … no sticky bars, chews or gels needed!

1 Scoop of Fuel X = 1 Energy Gel

Find out more about FUEL X here.

fuel x tropical being poured into flask

CrampFix® provides rapid cramp management and was specially developed to help high performing athletes to achieve their performance goals. One 15-20ml shot of CrampFix® works within 30 seconds to 2 minutes to alleviate cramps. The QuickFix shots can be easily carried in running belts or vests.

CrampFix Rapid Mouth Spray


A double shot COLD BREW Espresso Coffee with added Energy – the ultimate FIXX me up BUZZ!

A silky, velvety brew containing 150mg of naturally occurring caffeine PLUS 16g of carbohydrates. Perfect to take right at the start line to get you buzzing before you take off. Made in Burleigh Heads with all-natural ingredients.

man drinking a cold brew coffee shot

What Our Customers Are Saying

‘The benefit Fuel X has over other electrolyte hydration products is it is also a full liquid nutrition product. Fuel X contains all the carbs and calories necessary to be a complete fuel product, without the addition of sticky gels. This makes fuelling on race day so much simpler – for me it’s 1 bottle per hour, and that’s all the nutrition I need to keep me going.’


– Nick Hall

What Our Customers Are Saying

If you want to fuel smart then use Fuel X. I have trouble with my gut but since using Fuel X and lots of it on 3-4hr rides I haven’t had any dramas with my gut. The taste is amazing but not too sweet, it easily dissolves in a few shakes of your water bottle. Do yourself a favour and fuel with Fuel X.


– Rod Miller

What Our Customers Are Saying

Nutrition and hydration is the game changer in how your day on the trail can pan out. Too sweet or too heavy could be you in the gutter wishing someone was there to hold your hair. With hundreds of kilometres and plenty of hours on my feet, I can safely say Fixx nutrition has never put me in the gutter – it’s kept me going strong checkpoint after checkpoint. With races coming back, I’m looking forward to getting the race advantage with Fixx.


– Andrew

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great flavor, mixes really easily, great performance and allows me to continue to perform at my best in long events and training days.


– Brett Carlsson

Eddie Keogh wins GC50  2021

“Coastal High 50 and the use of Fixx Nutrition was really helpful, pre-race I took a shot of ColdBrew Mocha for a caffeine energy hit alongside a Crampfix Shot. My race vest hydration was 500ml of Fuel X & 500ml of water coupled with another Crampfix Shot. Aid stations were utilised to replenish this supply of liquid. I’m not a huge fan of gels and have found that drinking the calories through Fuel X is more effective, less messy than gels and responsive in providing energy.”

Eddie Keogh – GC50 Run Festival Champio 2021

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How can I sample the different products?

We have small and large sample packs available to purchase containing a mixture of our products. Check them out here.

How does CrampFix work?

CrampFix works rapidly to fix and prevent muscle cramps by targeting the overactive nerves that are causing the muscles to cramp. We don’t know exactly what causes muscle cramps but we know how to fix them! There is an association between premature muscle fatigue, exercise induced muscle cramp, stimulation of sensory nerves and interruption of alpha neutron (nerves) firing.

A mouth-to-nerve-to muscle connection.

When should I drink CrampFix?

Drink one shot of CrampFix 5-10 minutes before activity to prevent cramps.

Drink when the cramp strikes or at first signs of cramp for rapid relief. If the muscle cramp is not relieved after a few minutes, repeat dose.

What does CrampFix taste like?

One of the main ingredients is acetate (vinegar) which has a very strong and dominating taste. Most athletes find they get used to the taste after using the product a few times.

Remember, if CrampFix tasted good, it wouldn’t work!

When should I use Fuel X?

This product is designed to be used during training or racing to hydrate and replenish your body of the nutrients lost as well as provide a source of energy.

What does Fuel X taste like?

Fuel X is an all natural product with no added sweeteners. This product was designed to be very mild to avoid the ever so common flavour fatigue athletes hate. Fuel X has no aftertaste and comes in 5 different flavours so there is something for everyone!

Flavours include: Lemon-Lime, Pear, Tropical, Matcha Green Tea and Nude (Unflavoured).

Can I mix Fuel X with gels, bars, chews etc?

You can mix the Fuel X range with other sports products though Fuel X contains everything you need to stay energized, hydrated, and replenished. 

No sticky gels, bars, or chews are needed! All Fuel X products are a complete source of nutrition.

What is the difference between Fuel X and Fuel X Pro?

Fuel X contains all the electrolytes, hydration & energy you need to keep you going! The electrolytes in Fuel X are formulated to replace everything you lose during exercise!

Fuel X Pro is a superior source of nutrition and contains the same ingredients as Fuel X PLUS premium amino acids for improved performance and endurance. 

We recommend using Fuel X Pro for long sessions and on race day for a competitive edge!

How long will the Fuel X bags last once opened?

The bags have a 3 year expiry date. They should be kept well sealed, protected from moisture, light and heat.