There are many myths and assumptions behind muscle cramps and how they work, but what really is the truth? Here are the most common myths about muscle cramps debunked.

Staying well hydrated will prevent muscle cramps: MYTH

Whilst staying hydrated is important during exercise, studies show that hydration or electrolyte supplementation does not influence the incidence of cramps. Although it may delay the onset of cramps, it is not proven that it alters cramp susceptibility.

Magnesium will relieve muscle cramps: MYTH

Many clinical studies have found magnesium to be ineffective in treating muscle cramps. Although there is a small positive effect on pregnant women, the general population does not appear to be affected by magnesium supplements. This does not mean that you should ignore your magnesium intake. One possible reason why magnesium supplements have not been shown to be effective is that your body may be lacking in other key nutrients that are involved with muscle cramps such as potassium and calcium. This is why it is important to make sure you eat a balanced diet so you get the correct nutrient intake.

Eating a banana will treat muscle cramps: MYTH

Potassium is one of the main minerals related to muscle cramps, that is why it is a common misconception that eating a banana will relieve leg cramps. One medium-sized banana (118g) contains 422mg of Potassium which is only 12% of your daily recommended intake. Research also shows that one serving of banana takes 60 minutes for blood potassium levels to be raised. By that time, your muscle cramp would have already gone away on its own.

The Truth

No one really knows why cramps occur, but what we do know is that it can be treated through the neuro-muscular system by activating the sensory nerves in your mouth and throat. CrampFix® works by activating these nerves which sends a signal through the spinal cord to inhibit the overactive nerve signals. The overactive nerve signals going from the nerves to the cramping muscle are interrupted and the cramp is rapidly relieved or prevented.

Just drink 10-20mL of CrampFix to prevent or relieve muscle cramps within 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This will provide 40 minutes to an hour of relief, in which you can re-dose if you need. For night cramps, try our CrampFix Mouth Spray.