Why do athletes drink pickle juice to reduce cramping?


Sudden onset muscle cramps are one of the most frustrating and painful moments for an athlete. In such a situation, pickle juice makes the perfect remedy for muscle cramps by rehydrating and replenishing lost electrolytes. 


What is pickle juice? Pickle juice is a briny, vinegar-rich fluid rich in salt and other healthy minerals. While the pickle juice for cramps concept is unfamiliar to most sports experts, the drink has become a common fad in the industry. This article intends to unveil the colossal significance of pickle juice in physically active individuals. 

Pickle juice on muscle cramps

Pickles are cucumbers preserved in a vinegar-based brine solution. On that account, what is pickle juice made of? The best homemade pickle juice recipe consists of salt, water, natural vinegar acids, fermented cucumber, and probiotics. Probiotics are natural microscopic yeasts and bacteria that help the human body ward off several ailments. 


Before anything else, you should first consider, is pickle juice good for you? While there is no verified analysis of pickle juice benefits, some researchers swear that the concoction prevents cramps by setting off muscular reflexes in the body. Some experts argue that the vinegar content in the juice plays a significant role in cramp prevention. 


In addition, Fixx Nutrition has an effective oral CrampFix shots  that is gluten-free, 100% natural, and works in seconds. With the brand on a mission to empower athletes, look no further for cramp stop spray Australia trusted products.


You may realize that the AFL (Australian Football League) plus several tennis players take the frontline among significant beneficiaries of the pickle juice sports drink. The afl pickle juice is all-natural and manufactured through a hygienic process.  

The best way to use pickle juice for cramps

Although there are limited studies on pickle juice for cramps, the few recorded depict an inventive product packed with instant relief. Experts used roughly 1ml/ 1kg of body weight in the most effective analysis. That’s approximately two or three fluid ounces per participant. The easiest way to enjoy the instant benefits of pickle juice is by gulping it quickly. You can also take rough pickle juice shots for the same effect. 


Altogether, buy pickle juice for a rich supply of electrolytes ideal for individuals with sodium deficiency. While store-bought pickle juice saves time, you can also ferment homemade pickles. To get the best out of pickle juice, settle for natural-based pickles with no dye or preservatives. 


Don’t forget to add foods that help with muscle cramps to your diet, like avocados, beet greens, watermelon, bone broth, and papaya. Inclusion of vitamins for muscle cramps and spasms works magic too. The best vitamins for muscle cramps include vitamin B complex and vitamin B12. 


As mentioned above, magnesium for muscle cramps is a must-have for all athletes. Magnesium muscle cramps become a bother when muscles contract severally. The positive side of muscle cramps magnesium is that it acts as a calcium blocker which helps muscles relaxes after intense contracting. Potassium for cramps is another main mineral perfect for cramp deterrence. 


Another reliable and fast acting alternative is salt tablets. Take into account that Toppin salt tablets are the most recommended options when treating salt deficiency caused by electrolyte imbalances and over sweating. Nonetheless, as more information comes to light around the benefits of pickle juice which is packed with additional magnesium, electrolytes, phosphate, and magnesium, salt tablets for cramps are slowly losing their previous dominance. 


Still, you can take salt tablets for runners with an adequate water supply to minimize the risks of heat cramps and dehydration. The correct salt tablets dose is a tablet daily or as directed by a verified health expert. Qualified experts can adjust treatment dosage for salt tablets running depending on the condition severity and salt depletion levels in an athlete. Other 

Benefits of Pickle Juice

The online scene is abuzz with optimistic information about drinking pickle juice. With pickle juice ingredients differing from one brand to another, buying products from verified sources like Fixx Nutrition is critical. A well-prepared pickle juice offers the following benefits. 

  • It contains antioxidants

Pickle juice may contain antioxidants, although evidence on this claim remains scanty. Antioxidants protect body cells from free radicals that cause cardiovascular, cancer, and other life-threatening ailments. For a healthy dose of antioxidants, health experts recommend eating pickles rather than pickle juice.

  • It can potentially assist with boosting gut health

Unfortunately, few people understand the benefits of pickle juice on gut health. These benefits include relief of abdominal muscle cramps, better digestion, and detoxification of the blood and liver.

  • It may be able to help control blood sugar levels

A regular supply of pickle juice can control blood sugar, which helps ward off post-workout fatigue and crash. By consuming pickles or pickle juice before, during, and after exercise, you can safely and effectively reduce muscle cramps in back and soreness. In addition, the sour taste forces your body to produce insulin and lower your blood sugar level.

And one final, little-known fact – it is apparently an excellent remedy for alcohol-induced hangovers 

Hangovers start from an over-accumulation of chemicals, mainly acetaldehyde, formed when the liver breakdown alcohol. That’s where pickle juice comes in. Since the liquid is more potent than water, it helps flush out acetaldehyde much more quickly.


You have a clear perceptive of pickle juice’s benefits for your health by now. Even with its spicy, tangy taste, this natural drink is a blessing in disguise. The next time you hit the gym or the racecourse, pack your pickle juice and enjoy pleasant and cramp-less sessions.  


Where to buy pickle juice in Australia


Fixx Nutrition never disappoints with its innovative muscle cramp relief product, CrampFix. The scientifically formulated drink mix contains natural sodium, calcium, and magnesium that help to reduce muscle cramps. There is a deep connection between magnesium and muscle cramps. This is because magnesium deficiency muscle cramps portray the worst symptoms like tremors, twitches, convulsions, and seizures. 


What type of magnesium is best for muscle cramps? Magnesium citrate qualifies as the best form of magnesium for muscle cramps. These supplements for muscle cramps take a leading role in preventing leg cramping and stomach muscle cramps