If you watch sports, especially soccer, then you’ve probably seen a “magic spray” appear on the field now and again. This mysterious aerosol can seem to provide miracle relief in minutes. It leaves fans wondering where they could get some of this soccer magic spray themselves. Despite the fact players often spring back into action minutes after receiving treatment, this spray is not actually a healing agent. Instead, it provides temporary cooling and numbing effects that make it easier to stay in the game. 

The Secret of Soccer Magic Spray 

When it comes to demystifying the spray they use on soccer players, the answer lies in chemistry. The magic spray in soccer (or football if you prefer) often contains ethyl chloride or methyl salicylate. Ethyl chloride acts as a topical cooling agent and antiseptic while methyl salicylate is a counterirritant. 


Magic spray for soccer players — as well as other athletes — provides temporary relief through an anesthetic effect. This doesn’t mean the player isn’t injured or won’t require treatment. What it does mean is that they can get back in the game and push through. 


You know there’s no time to slow down in sports. Although the effects of the magic spray for sports injuries only lasts a few seconds to a couple of minutes max, it can make all the difference in a game.


Players who receive the spray can overcome the initial pain to finish their play — and it could win them a match. 


But what — how can they keep going if the effects of the spray don’t last long? For that, we can look to neuroscience. The adrenaline that players experience from playing can have a pain-blocking effect. It’s not that you don’t feel the pain. Instead, your threshold for tolerating it can increase in intense situations, allowing you to play with an injury that would normally leave you on the bench.

How Safe Are Magic Sprays for Sports? 

In terms of immediate use, there are no serious side effects of a magic spray. The downside is what can come after its effects wear off and the game is over. Players have to still take precautions, and it’s important for them to know when an injury is too serious to keep playing with.


Although the spray can be a miracle worker on the field, nothing can replace strength, stability, proper form, and rest and recovery.

Find Your Own Magic Spray

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