Whether you’re a new runner or gearing up for your next marathon, apps have made it possible to easily personalize your training. 


A running training app allows you to customize your runs with a few simple taps on your phone screen, adapting to your skill level and preferences instantly. 


Specifically, apps for trail running make it easier for you to get exercise, reach your running goals, and stay safe as you tackle new routes in the real world. 


Nothing beats embracing nature and tackling new trails as you take in the scenery around you and these apps designed for trail running will help you in planning routes, tracking runs and ensuring that you stick to the right path when outdoors.


Below are our top picks that will help you find the best-running training app for you.


    • AllTrails — Everything you need to map out a short run or all-day adventure; AllTrails has difficulty ratings for each route, which are often designed by locals. It’s great for the traveling runner that wants to explore new places safely while they train.

  • onX Hunt — If you want to go off the beaten path, onX Hunt is the best choice. It clearly marks private and public land, offers live route tracking, and a combination of topographic and 3D maps to help you stay on course.

  • Gaia GPS — Gaia makes it easy to chart your own course and easily share it with friends and family, so people will always know where you are. Built-in route statistics include important data like elevation changes and altitude. Map layers also highlight wildfires, air quality, native lands, and more.

  • CalTOPO — If you want a running training plan app that easily adjusts to all the variants nature throws your way, CalTOPO is the answer. The app can highlight snow, wildfires, sun exposure, slope angles, and even includes a water gauge, so you can find places to refill on your route. 


Each of these apps makes it easier for you to train better outdoors. From beginner to advanced, each one serves as a running interval training app that’s adaptive to your running goals. Whenever you’re tackling a new route, one of these apps can be your safety buddy, travel companion, and trusted running partner. 


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