Staying hydrated is essential for any athlete’s performance and safety. Not only does good hydration help prevent muscle fatigue, but it also helps your body maintain peak performance levels. Did you know that dehydration can reduce performance in activities that require concentration by 2% [1]? That can make a world of difference for an athlete, whether you’re training for the Gold Coast Marathon or prepping for your next big sporting event. But carrying multiple water bottles isn’t convenient for most athletes, which is where the beauty of hydration packs shines.


Hydration packs are quick, grab-and-go H20 boosts that are often loaded with electrolytes to keep your body going strong during performance. Fixx Nutrition has two hydration packs: Fuel X and Fuel X Pro. Here’s what each one delivers and how to choose the best hydration supplements for your needs.


But first, let’s cover some hydration basics so you know why these packs could be so beneficial in the first place.


Why Hydration Is Important for Athletes 

Hydration helps athletes in many ways. Drinking enough fluids before and during physical activity: 


  • Supports optimal muscle function
  • Helps prevent cramps 
  • Improves breathing during demanding workouts or events
  • Stabilises your mood and concentration 


Research also shows that hydration helps prevent injury and aids recovery [2]. When you want to get the most out of your workout or training, it’s vital that you remember to hydrate properly. 


Athlete Hydration Guidelines 

Staying hydrated starts before any demanding exercise, like a training routine or event. Water demands are also higher in the warmer months because you lose more fluids through sweat in the heat. While drinking water and fluids is essential, it’s important not to overdo it. Over-hydrating can lead to a condition called hyponatraemia, which can be life-threatening. While this is a rare occurrence, it’s still important to know so you can keep yourself (and any teammates or other athletes you know) safe. 


While every athlete’s demands are different, here are some tips to help you out: 


  • Drink 16-24 oz/473-707 ml before a workout. Starting any activity hydrated will lower your risk of dehydration during exercise.
  • Avoid over-hydrating by consuming a lot of fluids before exercise, as this can trigger frequent urination and gastrointestinal upset.
  • Aim to replace  125-150% of the fluids you lost during an activity over a course of 4-6 hours [3]. 


Now, what types of fluids should you be drinking? We know water is a great option, but you can also rely on hydration packs. Let’s look at what Fuel X and Fuel X Pro can do, then help you decide on the best one for your needs.


What Is Fuel X? 

Fuel X is a hydration supplement designed to help athletes combat dehydration and prevent cramps and muscle fatigue. It contains a balance of key electrolytes (like sodium and potassium) to ensure proper nerve function and physiological performance during demanding exercise. 

Who It’s For

Fuel X is best for athletes that want to avoid dehydration and maximize their electrolyte intake during workouts. If you are prone to cramps, then Fuel X could help prevent them. Each sachet of Fuel X contains 200 calories and can be consumed during training or racing. Just add a scoop or two to 500-700ml/17-24 oz of water. Consume 1-2 scoops during your first hour and 2-3 scoops per hour whenever you’re hungry.


What Is Fuel X Pro? 

Fuel X Pro builds upon Fuel X’s hydration-based formula with the addition of premium amino acids. It helps promote athletic endurance and facilitates recovery with all the hydration perks of Fuel X.


Fuel X Pro contains all the electrolytes found in Fuel X plus leucine and alanine amino acids for enhanced endurance. Leucine aids energy regulation and can assist in muscle repair, while alanine aids in glucose production and faster energy production. 


Combined, the amino acids in Fuel X Pro offer a comprehensive approach toward natural athletic performance boosters and recovery. Because the formula helps fuel your energy on the field and supports muscle repair afterward, you can enjoy long-lasting benefits.

Who It’s For

Athletes who want to maximize their endurance on top of staying hydrated may opt for Fuel X Pro over Fuel X. It’s great for marathoners, runners, and cyclists who need to keep up high levels of stamina for long distances.


Choosing the Right Hydration Pack 

When it comes to deciding on the right formula, you should carefully consider your sport, training demands, and body’s unique needs. Athletes that often struggle with hydration and dehydration effects can benefit from either Fuel X or Fuel X Pro. However, the inclusion of amino acids in Fuel X Pro make it a better option for those performing long-distance or intensive activities that require extended physical exertion.


If your primary goal is to stay hydrated, then Fuel X will do the job well by giving you a calorie and electrolyte boost on the go. Fuel X Pro can take things a step further if you want the additional endurance benefits of the amino acids. 



Fixx Nutrition hydration packs help you avoid dehydration, fatigue, and muscle cramps during sports or exercise. They have a high dose of electrolytes that promote proper nerve function and muscle performance during vigorous activity. Choosing the right pack depends on your needs, but those looking to enhance endurance on top of hydration may go for Fuel X Pro. On the other hand, Fuel X is a great choice for any athlete looking to increase their fluid and electrolyte intake and reap the benefits. 


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