Staying at the peak of your athletic game is about more than just persistence and top-tier training regimes. Performance requires understanding of nutrition and physiology, which both affect how your body performs under the demands of your sport or even just during workouts. We made Fuel X because we’re passionate about how athletes perform — and we want them to get the best supplementation through all-natural solutions.


Powering Performance 


Fixx Nutrition is made by athletes. We founded our company because we are passionate about health and wellness, and we believe that athletes need greater access to supplements that are good for them. Our products are natural, vegan, and made to boost stamina and endurance, ward off cramps, and support your greatest efforts in any endeavor.


When it comes to much-needed energy boosts during sports, athletes can turn to Fuel X. This nutritional supplement has been chosen by Australia’s Gold Coast Marathon and other major events as a suitable official partner because of its effectiveness, safety, and proven results. 


The potent blend of ingredients have been chosen for their individual and complementary benefits. By choosing Fuel X, athletes can:


  • Enhance energy and endurance. Fuel X’s formula has a unique blend that helps combat fatigue and boost energy levels at the same time.
  • Boost clarity and concentration. By improving your hydration during exercise, Fuel X also helps you maintain your focus and edge.
  • Promote faster recovery. Hydration is vital to recovery from any physical activity. 
  • Improve endurance. The main purpose of Fuel X is to naturally enhance your endurance and performance with ingredients like dextrose (glucose), magnesium citrate, and calcium carbonate. Together, they work like a powerhouse to fuel your muscles during physical activity. 


By Athletes, For Athletes


At Fixx Nutrition, we know firsthand how important the right nutritional supplements are to sustained performance. Unfortunately, there are too many products on the market that underdeliver or aren’t good for your body. We decided to blend our 25 years’ experience in the food industry with our love of sports to make a product that didn’t exist yet. That gave rise to CrampFix, our one-of-a-kind cramp relief for athletes that uses sodium, electrolytes, water, and vinegar to stop cramps in 2 minutes or less.


The success of CrampFix inspired us to go further and develop Fuel X, the healthiest, fully vegan and all-natural nutritional supplement for every athlete. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional player, Fuel X was made with you in mind.


Fuel X is available in six delicious flavors (because why should sports nutrition taste bad?). Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors or something more subdued, we have a flavor that will suit your taste and mood.


It’s our commitment to clean nutrition that really sets Fuel X apart from other endurance fuels on the market. Too many athletes have fallen victim to chewy bars, gels, and other products that are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. We’ve always been passionate about making our formulas transparent, so you know exactly what’s going into your body and how it can benefit you.


What’s In Fuel X? 


All-natural ingredients and a 100% vegan formula are behind every flavor of Fuel X. Every sip contains key nutrients that athletes need to maintain endurance during training and events, such as:


  • Electrolytes. These are vital substances that play a large role in hydration, fluid balance, muscle contraction, and neural activity. Too few are often the cause of cramps and lower energy levels. 
  • Minerals. Also known as micronutrients, minerals help your body create energy and maintain strong muscles and bones. 

Fuel X Supports You at Every Stage of Your Journey 

When you first start training to take on a new sport, it’s natural to run out of energy fast. While we’re passionate about the importance of rest and recovery, we also know that many athletes need additional support to keep their energy level — and spirits — up. Fuel X uses electrolytes (essential minerals with an electrical charge) to replace everything you lose during exercise. It’s all about maintaining a healthy balance so you can perform your best and recover well.

How To Use Fuel X? 

Our formula was specifically designed to be easily absorbed by the body. Simply drink Fuel X while you’re training or during a race or event to get the good stuff flowing. One  sachet of Fuel X is 200 calories, which you can consume in one or two servings with water. Just add it to 500-700 ml (17-24 oz), give it a shake, and you’re all set. 


Experience the Difference Fuel X Makes

We’re certain that our product provides amazing results. In fact, Fuel X comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rich in electrolytes and essential nutrients, Fuel X helps boost your hydration, muscle function, and endurance during rigorous training or a race.


Learn more about Fuel X today.