With the new year beginning, many people have already begun to contemplate their to-do’s and goals for next year. Running a marathon is a common goal for those looking to challenge themselves and take on something new.


But what actually goes into preparing to run a marathon? What are the best practices? How far (literally and figuratively) do you have to go to reach this common New Year’s goal? Fixx Nutrition has compiled this handy guide to help answer all of those questions and more.


The Fundamentals of Running a Marathon


Running 42 kilometers (42.195 km to be precise or 26 miles for our friends in the US) is a tall task – one that necessitates careful planning and strategy throughout the training process. The following are the basics you need to understand before you get started.


Train Farther and Harder Than You Think You Need


It’s easy to overestimate your conditioning and underestimate the intensity of a marathon. Make sure you go further than you think necessary in terms of distance and time when training.


Don’t Start Fast


If you plan to run a full marathon, there will be lots of people who are running just as fast or faster than you. Starting off too quickly will only set you up for failure later on, so pace yourself and don’t go too hard at the start. Making this a habit during the training process is essential.


Increase Distance Gradually


When training, you shouldn’t just jump into running the full 42 kilometers – your body needs to get used to the workload gradually. Start off with shorter runs and increase your distance over time in order to properly condition your body for the marathon’s full length.


First Time Running a Marathon? Take Advantage of These Tips


If you’ve never run a marathon before, there are some key tips that you should keep in mind. Following these will help ensure a successful and injury-free experience:


Invest In Quality Running Shoes


Running a marathon will put a lot of strain on your feet and legs, so it’s important to have the right shoes for the job. Invest in a good pair of running shoes with cushioning and arch support to keep you comfortable during the race.


Find a Running Partner


Running with a partner or group can make marathon training much more enjoyable. Having someone to help motivate and encourage you during the process will keep you on track and make sure you don’t miss any important workouts.


Join a Training Program


Many running programs are available to help first-time marathoners prepare for the big race. These programs are designed to help you safely and efficiently reach your goal. They might also provide additional resources that could be useful, such as nutrition advice and injury prevention tips.


Hydrating and Fueling Properly


We can’t talk about marathon prep without putting an emphasis on the importance of proper fuel and hydration. Both are pivotal to maintaining a strong training regimen and having enough energy to get you through the entire race. Fixx Nutrition’s Fuel X endurance drink mix contains all the electrolytes, hydration and energy you need to stay energised, hydrated, and replenished during training and racing. To learn more about Fixx Nutrition’s range of products designed specifically for runners click here. Sometimes, even the most energetic of us need a pick-me-up before a race which is where our Fixx Cold Brew Shots can prove their worth their weight in gold. They offer the increased focus and energy of naturally-occurring caffeine while being kinder on the body.


Avoid Overhydration


When running a marathon, it’s important to stay hydrated – but you don’t want to overdo it. Drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia, which is a condition that results from having too much water in the body. 


Get Your Electrolytes


In order to stay hydrated during a marathon, you’ll need to replenish your lost electrolytes. Consider taking sports drinks or electrolyte tablets to replenish these lost minerals and stay hydrated. Fuel X is specifically designed and developed with all-natural ingredients to meet the specific requirements of runners by replacing valuable electrolytes lost during exercise while providing sustenance to athletes.


Choose the Right Fuel


The right fuel is just as important as the right amount of hydration. Aim to consume whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins in order to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to handle a marathon.


Take Proactive Steps Against Cramping


It’s not uncommon for marathon runners to experience muscle cramps during the race. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help prevent and relieve muscle cramps. Consider using CrampFix to target the overactive nerves that lead to painful muscle spasms and cramping. We’ve designed it to be both fast-acting and long-lasting, meaning it will help you get through the race without any issues.


The Finish Line


Running a marathon is an attainable goal for those who are willing to put in the hard work and make necessary sacrifices. With proper preparation and dedication, you can reach your goals and become a better runner for it. Fixx Nutrition wishes all aspiring marathoners the best of luck in their endeavors!