Pickles. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re something of an unsung hero among athletes. Namely, it’s pickle juice that has become an inside secret for athletes. But why? Is it sodium? The vinegar? There are mixed opinions on the topic. 


One thing we do know for certain is that few people enjoy downing pickle juice shots on the track or field. That’s why we set out to develop an unheard of cramp-busting solution. In 2016, CrampFix® hit the market, and today, it’s helped thousands of athletes in 15 countries stop muscle cramps without a pickle in sight.

Why Pickle Juice? 

Before we delve into the details about CrampFix, it’s important to understand why pickle juice has become such a popular choice for alleviating cramps (leg cramps, in particular).


The answer could be electrolytes, especially sodium. Pickle juice, aka brine, is loaded with salt. All this sodium can deliver a major dose of the electrolyte to our bodies, which can help battle dehydration and stop cramps. The theory behind this believes that electrolyte depletion and dehydration lead to uncontrolled muscle spasms, which we know as exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMCs). 


Exploring the topic of pickle juice for cramps in-depth, Dr. Andrew Lavender of Australia’s Federation University explains that the exact answer is unknown, but one potential explanation for brine’s fast-acting abilities is a sensation the vinegar induces in the throat.


When you drink pickle juice, the first thing you’ll likely notice is the sour taste due to vinegar. When the acidic liquid hits the back of your throat, it is believed to activate oropharyngeal receptors that cause inhibitory neurotransmitter activity. This means that the activation of these throat receptors sends a message to your central nervous system that affects muscle contraction. By “turning off” neurons causing the spasms, the brine is believed to deliver fast-acting relief.


The Australian Institute of Sports even has a pickle juice supplementation guide for athletes. It highlights the importance of transient receptor potential (TRP), special ions that natural food compounds can trigger. Drinking brine activates TRP vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) and TRP Ankyrin 1 (TRPA1). These TRPs are believed to affect neuromuscular activity, for example, reducing the excitability of a-motor neurons in the spinal cord, which can reduce skeletal muscle contractions. 


It’s important to know this because the underlying science is similar to CrampFix. We built upon the magic of pickle juice for cramps to develop a more robust, better-tasting alternative that relies on more than sodium to alleviate pain.

Cramp Fix Works in 2 Minutes or Less 

We made CrampFix to help treat and prevent cramps among high-endurance athletes. We know that cramping is more common among those who play sports, run marathons, or workout extensively. 


CrampFix contains all-natural ingredients rooted in science. Our formula is composed of essential electrolytes that help you restore a healthy balance, as well as water and vinegar to improve hydration and mimic some of the TPR activation brine induces. 


Our formula for rapid cramp relief uses a no-mix, all-natural approach that helps athletes prevent and treat muscle cramps during endurance activity. The concentrated proprietary blend ensures that you get the maximum benefit from a small amount; there’s no time to waste when you’re training or in the midst of a marathon or event.


Every batch is sports-accredited, which means it’s been tested for banned substances for athletes. This means you can have complete confidence choosing CrampFix both on and off the track or field.

Our Core Ingredients 

  • Electrolytes. When your body loses electrolytes through sweat and exercise, muscle cramps are more likely to occur. Low levels of electrolytes lead to spasms and uncontrollable contractions. Getting your balance back ASAP is the key to rapid relief.
  • Vinegar. Just like in pickle brine, vinegar in CrampFix helps trigger muscle relaxation through throat receptors.
  • Water. Pure H20 is vital toward healthy muscle function and neural mechanisms. CrampFix uses water as a transport model that improves rapid cramp relief. Water is a universal solvent that allows electrolytes to move freely. It also aids diffusion, which allows electrolyte ions to travel from areas of high concentration to areas with lower concentration (i.e., deprived muscles). 


Fuel X Improves Sports Nutrition From the Get-Go

While CrampFix offers rapid relief and aids in muscle spasm prevention, it isn’t a substitute for good sports nutrition. Instead, we leave that to Fuel X, our all-natural supplement that is filled with electrolytes and essential minerals.


In addition to boosting endurance and energy levels, Fuel X also helps athletes maintain proper hydration levels to prevent muscle fatigue. 

Combined, Fuel X and CrampFix Are a Cramp-Prevention Solution 

Fuel X indirectly addresses underlying factors that can lead to cramps, such as dehydration and low electrolyte levels. The formula is rich in both electrolytes and micronutrients such as dextrose, amino acids, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, magnesium citrate, and calcium carbonate. 


Along with CrampFix, Fuel X helps promote healthy muscle contraction and neural signaling during high-endurance exercises. It also helps promote a smoother recovery, so you can rest without worry.


Think of it this way: Fuel X can help prevent muscle fatigue by improving electrolyte balance and preventing dehydration before and during exercise. CrampFix can offer both preventative and rapid relief for muscle cramps using electrolytes (primarily sodium), as well as by triggering a neurological response that affects muscle reflexes.

Find The Right Balance for You

Whatever your goals, Fixx Nutrition is here to support you. Explore our sports range today and discover the power of fueling like a pro.