For long-distance runners and marathoners, proper hydration is key to safety and endurance. It also plays a vital aspect in preventing every runners’ worst nightmare: cramps. Paralyzing cramps can occur both during a run and after, leading to prolonged delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), decreased range of motion, reduced shock absorption, and insomnia. We know that electrolytes help prevent cramps by improving fluid absorption and keeping our muscles nourished. In the past, salt tablets were a common way for runners to get a high dose of sodium on the go. We used to use them ourselves — until we made something better: CrampFix®

What Is CrampFix for Runners?

CrampFix is one of our signature products here at Fixx Nutrition. It was designed by athletes, for athletes using exercise science and nutritional knowledge. We wanted to take the best electrolytes for a runner’s body and put them into one hydrating, easy-to-use packet. The result is a vegan, all-natural product created in the beautiful Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia that helps stop cramps in 2 minutes or less, and prevent them from striking in the first place.


CrampFix works by delivering a high dose of salt, potassium, calcium, and magnesium chloride in 15-20 mL servings. For runners, the easy peel-and-sip sachet is ideal for cramp prevention on the move. It’s easier to carry and use than the bottle, and you can enjoy the same benefits without the added weight or need to slow down and sip.

How Does CrampFix Work? 

There are no synthetic ingredients in our 100% vegan formula. We’ve combined water and vinegar with electrolytes to deliver a proven cramp-fixing solution that works in 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Drinking CrampFix every 40 to 60 minutes during intensive exercise can also help cramps from ever occurring by interrupting nerve signals that would normally cause muscles to involuntarily contract. 


In case you aren’t aware, muscle cramps are caused by electrical impulses from overworked nerves misfiring. Both muscle fatigue and nerves can cause contractions, which seize up the muscle and lead to pain. The electrolytes in CrampFix travel through your nervous system to the spinal cord, where they help inhibit the overactive nerve signals from firing. 


Once your central nervous system receives the message, it interrupts the signals going from the overworked nerves to the muscles, thereby relieving pain or stopping cramps before they can strike. 


We currently offer two types of CrampFix: a sports range and lifestyle range. High-endurance, long-distance runners will likely find themselves opting for the sports range. Whether you prefer a sachet or a flip-top squeeze bottle, we’ve got you covered. 

How Salt Tablets Work 

Salt tablets help prevent cramps by increasing the levels of sodium in the blood. Oral salt supplementation has been a long-standing practice among marathoners, and for quite a while, it was the de facto method of replenishing electrolytes during a run. 


The benefits of salt tablets can include improved hydration, which helps prevent cramps. You may be wondering how salt can increase hydration when it’s drying. However, sodium acts as a water magnet, drawing hydration into your cells. Salt also contains electrolytes such as potassium and chloride, which carry an electrical charge throughout the body. Together, they can help regulate the amount of water in the blood and moving in and out of cells.


Maintaining extracellular fluid (ECF) levels has an influence on other factors that may affect cramping, such as: 


    • Electrolyte balance — Muscle contraction requires proper electrolyte balance within extracellular fluid. Electrolytes help generate action potential, which plays a key role in muscle fiber activation. When ECF levels are too low, this can indirectly affect muscle contraction through impaired nerve signaling and reduced blood flow. 
  • Hydration levels — Decreased extracellular fluid volume lead to dehydration, which affects oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles. 
  • Blood flow regulation — By ensuring proper hydration and extracellular fluid levels, you can also help ensure your muscles receive enough blood to stay nourished while you exercise and recover. 


The salt you ingest through salt tablets can be helpful, but they have their drawbacks.

Cons of Salt Tablets

Running takes a lot out of you, and it’s natural to use supplements like salt tablets to maintain energy and muscle endurance. However, salt tablets have several unwanted side effects for many athletes, including nausea, upset stomach, and the adverse effect of dehydration.

When large quantities of sodium chloride enters the system without enough water, it can actually draw water from your gastrointestinal tract through a process called osmosis. This leads to a fluid imbalance that results in dehydration. 


Salt tablets are really the “old school” running cramp fix. The more modern approach combines sodium with other electrolytes and water to improve effects and ward off any cons. That’s why we’ve developed CrampFix — it does all the work of salt tablets without increasing the chance of becoming dehydrating or experiencing an upset stomach from higher sodium intakes. Plus, it tastes a heck of a lot better. 

When To Take CrampFix

We’ve developed our sports range of CrampFix to help runners both avoid and treat muscle cramps. By taking CrampFix periodically while running, you can lower the chance of experiencing cramps during your runs. At the same time, CrampFix was designed to stop painful muscle cramps in their tracks. 


The addition of vinegar also plays a key role in this process. It contains acetic acid, which can help your muscles relax and your body produce more acetylcholine, which helps muscles contract normally. 


If you are a runner, taking CrampFix when you get a cramp is the most natural remedy you can find. It is proven to stop running cramps in 30 seconds to 2 minutes in most people. 


If you’re gearing up for a marathon, carry some CrampFix on-hand and consider taking a 15-mL dose every hour to ward off muscle fatigue and cramping. 

Say Goodbye to Running Cramps 

Try CrampFix to find relief when you need it. Explore our sports range today and start tackling running cramps like professionals. Curious to learn more? Check out our CrampFix FAQs.