A Fixx Nutrition Guide to Yoga


There are many practices that support athletic activities you may not expect. Yoga is one of the best types of exercise athletes can perform that improves their physical and mental health. You likely already know that stretching plays a large role in performance and risk management, but did you know you can do far more than just warm-up or cooldown to strengthen and lengthen your muscles? 


As part of our two-part series looking at supplemental training and how it can benefit athletic performance, we want to investigate the benefits of including a yoga session or two into your weekly routine. 


Yoga cross-training helps athletes improve their performance and transform how they relate to their bodies. 


One of the reasons yoga cross-training is so beneficial is that it promotes a completely different type of mind-body awareness than your sport of choice. 


While you may focus solely on improving your body’s engagement during your favorite activity, there is far more beyond it to consider. No matter what your activity level is or how experienced you are, yoga is a fantastic practice that has a wide range of benefits. 

Why Yoga Is Great for Everyone

Regardless of skill or sport, yoga is an approachable, dynamic exercise that works for your needs. In fact, you will have a difficult time finding any practice you can customise as much as yoga. 


From targeting tight hips, lengthening leg muscles, or building core strength, yoga is an all-in-one approach to physical health that helps athletes care for their bodies. 


Most importantly, it promotes a total body awareness that can directly translate to sports. Rather than focus entirely on performance benchmarks, yoga encourages you to slow down, connect with your body, and learn how to move it in ways that are truly beneficial to you.

How often should athletes practice yoga?

Another amazing benefit of yoga is that you can practice it as often as you like. Some people find that a daily practice helps them the most, while others may only engage in certain yoga stretches to alleviate tightness or cool down after a workout.


Research shows that just 12 weeks of weekly 60-minute yoga sessions can lead to increased cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. You may choose to begin your yoga journey with just a 10-minute routine and work from there. There is no wrong way to get started, and the benefits can be noticeable after just a few sessions.


If you’ve never done yoga before, then you may be amazed at how much it can truly awaken your body. Even seasoned athletes who practice intense sports are often surprised at how engaging yoga is. 


As you look for new ways to enhance your training calendar, yoga is a great activity to try. You can personalise it to your preferences and needs, and you may just find that it’s a fantastic way to prevent sports injuries as well as alleviate post-sports soreness and muscle cramps. 


Alongside a healthy training regime, Fixx Nutrition also recommends supplementary products like CrampFixx and Fuel X. No matter what you practice, our products are designed to keep you hydrated and energized. 


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