Are you an outdoors enthusiast, passionate about getting the most out of your running experience? Maybe you’ve been watching your friends take part in races and wish to join them on the trails. Or maybe you’re looking for a new challenge that allows you to spend time outdoors and connect with nature in a new way.

Either way, trail running is a great way to improve your running fitness and get outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or if you are comfortable racing in marathons. Joining today’s trail-running community will give anyone the opportunity to gain confidence, challenge themselves physically and mentally, and build a better relationship than ever before with Mother Nature.

Here at Fixx Nutrition, we believe that creating meaningful connections through physical activity can lead people down paths they truly enjoy — so let us show how easy it is to get started with this addictive sport!

Why trail running and what is it?

Trail running is a unique experience that requires a different set of skills than most other forms of running. Unlike road running, trail running generally refers to any kind of off-road activity, including dirt paths, rocky hillsides, and even mountain trails. This means that you’ll be dealing with all types of terrain – both manmade and natural – as well as the shift in elevation on the course.

The best part about trail running is the feeling of being at one with nature. The landscapes often have breath-taking views that may not be accessible through other activities or sports — and being able to run through these places is something truly special. Plus, because it takes place in wilder environments, you get to see some of the best wildlife and vegetation, as well as have a greater chance to encounter different types of weather (which can make things even more interesting!).

Plus, it is also physically challenging, requiring an increased level of strength, agility, and endurance. This makes it a great way to take your running to the next level!

Who is taking part and the worldwide growth of trail running

Trail running is a rapidly growing sport — with more and more people joining the community every day. And it’s no surprise why: according to multiple studies, trail running is becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities globally, due to its physical challenge, mental refreshment, and connection with nature.

It’s not just adults who are getting in on the action either; there is an increasing number of children and teens taking part in organized trail races too. With many local organizations offering weekly runs or monthly races for kids and teens, there has never been a better time for youths to get involved as well!

So if you’re looking for a way to break away from your usual routine and get a fresh start in the outdoors, trail running is definitely worth considering. 

Plus, with its ever-increasing popularity, you’ll never be short of company.

How to get ready for your first trail run

If you’re new to trail running and want to give it a try, there are a few things that you should do before hitting the trails. First off, make sure that you have all of the necessary gear — such as proper shoes with good traction, appropriate clothing for the terrain, and the right nutrition — these can make all of the difference on your runs.

You should also spend some time familiarizing yourself with local trails. Look up maps online or ask friends who run trails. When researching routes and courses, it’s also great to consider the length, terrain type, and altitude as this can help you determine if it’s an appropriate trail for your current level.

Naturally, you need to make sure that you’re physically ready for your run — start with shorter routes and build up your distance over time. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy the experience without over-exerting yourself or getting injured.

H2 What is entailed in the training

Depending on your current level of fitness and the distance or terrain you plan to take on, training for a trail run can vary in intensity. However, there are some basic guidelines that will help you get started.

Interval training

A good place to start is by doing interval training — alternating between hard-intensity running (like sprints) and slower jogging or walking — as this is a great way to build up your speed, endurance, and strength all at once. Adding hill climbs into your routine will help you develop the power needed for tackling tougher courses.


Try to incorporate cross-training exercises like swimming or cycling into your regime; these activities complement each other perfectly and increase core strength which can be beneficial when running trails.

Rest days

Don’t forget to rest. Give your body time to recuperate and repair itself in between workouts. This will help you stay injury-free and maximize your performance when it comes to race day.

H3 What equipment and nutrition is needed for a trail run

In order to have a successful trail run, you’ll need the right equipment and nutrition.


The right clothes are essential for running trails — cotton shirts and trousers won’t be of much use as they will become heavy when wet and can cause chafing. Instead, opt for lightweight, breathable materials such as polyester or spandex that will dry quickly. Wearing layers is also recommended as it can help regulate your body temperature on cooler days.


Having the proper footwear with good grip is key too, whether that be a men’s trailing running shoe or a ladies. Look for shoes that offer ankle support and cushioning in the sole.

Best rail running shoes Australia

If you are down under, you’ll need to consider the best rail running shoes to suit the terrain that you’ll be tackling. A quick Google search will bring up all the research you need to make the right call.

Other Essentials 

There are also other essential items that you need to think about when going on a trail run. Snake bandages, toilet paper, rain jackets snacks and plenty of fuel packets are a must. When participating in an event the mandatory gear list also often includes thermals and a headlamp, a space blanket and a  reusable cup. The fun part is that you need to train carrying all of this too!


Fuelling your body is just as important as having the right kit. Running trail burns a lot of energy so make sure you are eating enough to sustain your runs. Fixx Nutrition bars and gels are an ideal choice due to their easy digestion and extended-release carbohydrates which provide lasting energy.

Additionally, make sure you bring a hydration pack or bottles because staying hydrated is especially important when running trails due to their high-impact nature. This is where the Fuel X  Endurance sports drink comes in handy as it mix contains everything you need to stay energized, hydrated, and replenished during a hard trail run. It is also ‘gut-friendly’ which is a major positive for runners who might be some way away from any amenities. 

A must-have in your trail running backpack is Fixx Nutrition’s CrampFix. On trail runs you’ll usually be climbing a lot of hills, so your muscles will need the electrolyte replenishment that CrampFix provides.

H4 Hit the trail

So there you have it — armed with the right gear, trail running nutrition, and training plan you’re ready for whatever trails come your way.

Good luck out there – get exploring!