If you can complete an Ironman without one single cramp, congratulations because you must have some type of superpower! For the majority of athletes competing in an Ironman, cramping is a real problem that can hit you like a brick and really throw you off your game. To help give you an idea on how to use CrampFix during your race to keep you ahead of your cramps, we have put together a short guide on how to use CrampFix in an Ironman race.

Our first tip is that if you know that you have a tendency to cramp at certain times, we recommended that you have a shot of CrampFix a few kilometres before you reach that distance or time to use as a preventative. A lot of athletes prefer to carry our QuickFix Shots and will usually have a shot at around the 60-80km mark.

The major turning point for athletes cramping is at the beginning of their run. We recommend that you store your CrampFix in your T2 bag and have a shot during the transition. You could also drink one shot just before getting off your bike – whatever is most convenient and easy for you.

If possible, try to carry a minimum of 3 shots or 1 bottle during your run. To avoid cramping, top up with a 10-15ml shot of CrampFix every 40 minutes or when you feel like a cramp is coming on.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and to keep your minerals and nutrients up to help get you through the race. Cramping is most commonly caused by a lack of hydration, lack of minerals and salt, lactic acid, or a combination of all three. At the time of a cramp, salt and magnesium tablets won’t give you relief for about 15-20 minutes. Carrying a shot of CrampFix is the fastest way to get rid of a cramp and help get you back on your game.


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Check out how our ambassador Rod Miller stayed cramp free and made a 5 minute PB!

“Due to the coldness of the water in Geelong which is well under the temp that I am used to living in Cairns, I took my first Raspberry Shot just before the swim leg. Piece of mind for me knowing I will not have any cramping issues while swimming in cooler waters. Result = 5 min PB for the swim leg!!! 

On the bike leg, I had my second Lemon Shot around the 60km mark which I use to help me refocus thanks to that lemon flavour and stay strong and cramp free with some long hills coming up. 

Feeling good coming on to the run leg with some short little hills at either end of this two lap course. At the 8km mark was my next and most favourite shot, Espresso Shot 🖤 with 7mg of caffeine gives me that little kick to keep focused towards the finish line

Overall a new PB and another Cramp FREE race thanks to CrampFix!”

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