Alex Price recently competed at the Ironman OZ in Port Macquarie. Along with competing Ironman events himself, Alex is also an AIS Elite Triahtlon Physiotherapist, and a Triathlon/Running Coach.

Alex had the opportunity to use CrampFix® at Ironman Oz and is planning on keeping it in his nutrition kit leading into Ironman Busselton, WA later this year.

“Excited to start a partnership with the team at @crampfix! I have suffered with cramps on and off, especially during long days out and in Ironman’s and have always made my own pickle juice ‘brew’ to combat this. However these guys have absolutely nailed the product, as many athletes found out when they tested it out at Port Mac IM! And, it’s Australian made and owned!

Looking forward to having them in my corner working towards Busso this year.”

Do you need saving from muscle cramps?

CrampFix is an easy to use, fast acting, sports supplement.

CrampFix® works through the nervous system by stimulating the sensory nerves in the throat. Pretty simple really!

The CrampFix® formula has just the right ingredients (which are all natural, gluten free & vegan) to rapidly relieve and prevent muscle cramps.


Simply drink 15 to 20ml of the concentrated formula – no dilution or mixing required – OR swirl for approx 30 secs around the mouth and discard.

The swirl and spit method is perfect for athletes who have sensitive stomachs or who do not wish to digest extra nutrition.

Each 50ml bottle has enough for 3 to 5 serves and can be ordered online now at www.crampfix.co/buy