“FIXX Nutrition works! As an experienced Ultra Runner, I need a product that I can trust so I can perform to my potential literally hour after hour. I love the versatility of the products and range of flavours that are available.

Nutrition for my recent BTU Miler consisted of having 1 sachet Fuel X Naked plus half a scoop of Fuel X Pro Lemon/lime in a 500ml soft flask and another 500ml water soft flask most hours, small additions of food were added later, mainly to break things up, but they were always easily digestible, nothing fancy although sometimes the Aid station food is tempting, for me the best strategy is to keep it mainly liquid and simple.

Having only just been released, I literally received the Watermelon Fuel X Pro ‘during the race’ courtesy of a crew Brad Glover doing a Gold Coast pickup the week before the race. I grabbed a couple of the sachets at Checkpoint 3 and at the next unmanned waterstop I decided to try it out, this was at exactly half way, being a cold day the water provided was perfectly chilled – and wow how good was it, going down a treat as I started the gruelling Mt Glorius climb. Needless to say I used this to  help fuel me to the end and it’s definitely a must have flavour.

The other thing to say is that in the first 30-40km I started getting a tightness in my left hamstring, it was annoying me as everything else was on track, so at the next major checkpoint I decided to grab one of the Crampfix bottles and shortly after packing a punch, I took half the bottle, my only regret was likely not doing it sooner, instant relief and I never felt my hammy’s for the next 15 or so hours!

The sachets of Fuel X and the Crampfix mini bottles easily slip into my pack giving me access to Fuel and piece of mind when I’m out training or racing those long sections between checkpoints. The watermelon flavour worked a treat in my 2022 Brisbane Ultra Trail Miler 1st place, and the Crampfix was used to stop what could have become a worsening cramp instantly at Mile 40, so I could just focus on my running. It works!