Ever thought about joining a running group?

Running is a big part of many people’s lives but probably not as much as it is a part of Jodie Cumners! The ex-police officer has always run to stay fit for her job and has used running to improve her mental health for many years. She said “Running brought community and solitude to me. I feel accomplished and alive when I run”. Jodie loved how running impacted her so much that she decided to start two different running groups on the Gold Coast.

Trail Chix Running group

Trail Chix is a free women’s running group that Jodie leads on trail runs through the Nerang forest every week. This group allows women to come together and gives them a chance to connect with others in a raw and natural environment. Jodie’s Trail Chix group also allows women to feel safe running in secluded locations that they would not otherwise run in alone.

In Form Running

In Form Running is Jodie’s running group where she coaches children and adults on proper running techniques. Jodie prides her business on showing people how fun and amazing running can be physically and mentally. She takes her athletes on 5-7km runs each session though alters speed and distance to the specific person she’s working with for optimum results. 

What Fuels Jodie and her runners?

Jodie is big on nutrition and always encourages her runners to have a nutritional breakfast before running. Recently Jodie came across the Fixx Fuel X range where she begun using the Fuel X Pro Lemon-Lime. She says “I like the feeling I get with the Fuel X Pro. I don’t feel hungry and I feel like I’m fueled well. The added carbs give me more of a complete feeling as I am not good with gels”. 

Jodie finds fueling right so important for post run recovery. She says, “I find when you fuel right you don’t deplete as quick during your run. When I hydrate correctly, post run recovery is much easier, allowing me to feel good the next day after a long run”. 

Running has been proven to have a positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing so why not find your local running group like Jodie’s and sign up! You won’t regret it.

Jodies Running Group