Over the weekend, Team FIXX from St Andrews Lutheran College on the Gold Coast took on the 96km Kokoda Challenge! The four boys, Jack, Ky, Coen, Jarrod, and their coach Leah toughed it out on the grueling course. The team reached their goal to finish in under 20 hours with a final time of 19:53. Overall the team placed 4th out of 150 school teams from all around the area. Their coach Leah placed as the 17th woman overall out of 266! These are amazing results and we couldn’t be prouder.

What Fueled the team?

The entire team was being fueled by FUEL X PRO which gave them all their electrolytes, energy, and hydration. The two Amino Acids in the Fuel also helped to reduce their rate of perceived exertion and mental fatigue throughout the race, which increased their endurance and performance capabilities.

Coach Leah says, “I never felt flat or hit a fatigue point thanks to Fixx Nutrition’s FUEL X PRO, that stuff is just brilliant. I smashed hill after hill & my muscles just kept giving without fail. I had zero gut issues and wasn’t hungry.”

The team was also using CrampFix, the rapid cramp relief product. They were sipping on this every hour to prevent the onset of cramps and ensure they remained cramp-free.

Why did they do it?

The Kokoda Challenge is aimed at raising funds for kids who participate in Youth Programs run by the Kokoda Foundation. They are a local charity providing experiential programs that engage and inspire Aussie kids to reach their full potential. Team FIXX managed to raise $1300 for the foundation to change not only other kids’ lives but this experience also changed their lives. Accomplishing something like this at such a young age is huge and we couldn’t be prouder of the 4 boys and their coach Leah!

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