The small Gold Coast business, Fixx Nutrition is supplying the English National Football team with their cramp-relief product, CrampFix. John Stones, the defender for Manchester City and the English National Team was seen using the Gold Coast businesses CrampFix product. This all went down during a match against Croatia at the EURO 2020 Football Championships.

What happened?

After falling to the ground, commentators thought Stones would not be able to continue the rest of the game. Team medics then came on-field and gave Stones some CrampFix. This allowed Stones to relieve his cramps and get back up running to assist in securing the win for his team! Commentators suspected players to start cramping as the weather was boiling hot and players were pushing themselves to the limit. Lucky the medics had CrampFix ready to go during such an important match!

How does it work?

CrampFix is an all-natural proprietary formula that activates sensory nerves in the mouth to prevent or relieve muscular cramps. Drinking just one 1 x 15-20ml serving of CrampFix is enough to relieve a muscle cramp almost instantly!

CrampFix can be used to prevent, relieve and recover from muscle cramps. Cramps most commonly occur during an endurance activity because muscles become fatigued. That combined with exercising in the heat, loss of sodium when sweating, carbohydrate depletion, and other factors, means that cramps are bound to happen. Unfortunately, when athletes are racing there is not much that they can do when a cramp strikes. CrampFix treats the overactive nerves that are causing the muscles to cramp and will provide almost instant relief.

The small Gold Coast business is so excited to see their products being used by such elite athletes around the world. They will continue to create innovative products to help people push their limits and get the most out of their life!

Small Gold Coast Business Kicks a Goal