We sat down with local Gold Coast runner Eddie Keogh after his latest impressive GC50 win…no wonder his nickname is ‘Fasteddo’.
Why did you enter the GC50? What were your thoughts leading up to the race, in terms of fitness & conditioning, training? 
Running an Ultra Marathon on the road was yet to be ticked off on my bucket list & the GC50 was an epic race that I’ve wanted to challenge myself on in recent years. I recall driving down to the beach for a cruisy solo run and seeing the great man Ando himself taking the GC50 by the horns and bringing in solid results. This was part of my drive to put the work in and accomplish this goal.
What other long distance events have you run & what motivates you?
Previously I’d completed 4 x road marathons – my debut was Gold Coast 2018 in a time of 3:04, 2019 in 2:52, Sunshine Coast 2019 in 2:44 & Melbourne 2019 in 2:42.
2019 was my first year of getting into running seriously with GC, SC & Melb being completed within 3 months, shaving minutes off my PB time at each event. In hindsight this was too much racing in a short space of time eventuating in multiple stress fractures to the tibia.
During my life I’ve lost a lot of loved ones to cancer, personally I’ve beaten melanoma and also brain cancer, running ultra marathons/ long distances seems to resonate with me as another life challenge and a way of giving cancer a massive “up yours”.
This year was a mixed year of events and I pretty much winged it on which ones i’d enter due to covid and cancellations. The most memorable for me prior to the GC50 was Coastal High 50 where I placed 2nd in a time of 4:53 behind good mate Josh Lynnot & fellow Salt Train runner. Coastal High was my first ultra marathon/trail race and the furthest run I’d ever attempted, not knowing what to expect was cool and I can now see why so many runners are hooked on the trail scene.
What was on your mind as you ran the GC50?   
Leading up to the recent GC50 race I was feeling good, uninjured and more conditioned for bigger kms after a solid few months of 100-130km weeks, the experience of The Salt Train team helped massively in guiding me along and my goal was not to place in the race but just finish with a time I’d be happy with. Throwing a few trail runs & waterfall ice baths in amongst the GC hinterland was how we would break up our time on the concrete and reset the body. Above all training aspects, I learnt that the biggest key factor that works for me is being surrounded by a quality crew, sharing laughs & keeping each other honest..Feels like a team and not just a solo sport this way.
As I much as I knew it was coming it’s always still a shock reminder when the body starts saying no around the 37-40 k mark.. knowing my wife Kate & our 2 young boys Slater & Dusty were waiting on the finish line helped drive my head to finish the 50k, my late old man always said “if you cut the corners in life you’re only cheating yourself.”
Had you used any Fixx Nutrition products prior to GC50? If so, which ones and how do you find they help you?
In the GC Marathon 2018 I was very green to the scene and found that I had not fuelled my body enough to finish strong, cramping also an issue. It wasn’t until later that year, a friend who competed in the UTA50 put me onto Crampfix which he utilised to eliminate cramps during that race. Since then I have implemented the use of Fixx Nutrition before every race and also during the race.
Coastal High 50 and the use of Fixx Nutrition was really helpful, pre-race I took a shot of ColdBrew Mocha for a caffeine energy hit alongside a Crampfix Shot. My race vest hydration was 500ml of Fuel X & 500ml of water coupled with another Crampfix Shot. Aid stations were utilised to replenish this supply of liquid. I’m not a huge fan of gels and have found that drinking the calories through Fuel X is more effective, less messy then gels and responsive in providing energy.
Did you use any Fixx products during the GC50? Which ones?
The GC50 was a similar plan to Coastal except I utilised drinking the Fuel X provided at the stations rather than wear a vest. Prior to the race I took a Mocha Shot and consumed 200ml of Fuel X mix.. during the race 3 x Quick Fix shots and the use of aid station fluids which were well delivered by the awesome crews out there. Post race Fuel X slushies went down a treat and were a massive hit with finishers in all events by the looks!
What do you do for work and other non-running activities or hobbies?
I’m a carpenter by trade and owner of a local building company based in Currumbin, working for myself sometimes helps when balancing training plans. Other sports that have been a good part of my life over the years include racing motocross, surfing, rugby league, wakeboarding and Muay Thai training with the Boonchu crew. Of more recent times I’ve really enjoyed some road cycling and MTB riding. Currumbin Valley is such a good playground for these hobbies and I’ve found so many benefits in low impact sports for building the leg strength for running.
What are your next events?
So keen for 2022 and it’s looking like it’ll be a stacked year for running events. At this stage i’m set to run SEQ RD6 long course at Hinze Dam, UTA100 or UTA50 (still undecided) GC Mara, Coastal High 50, Blackall 50 & GC50. I’d like to think about entering a few more events as they pop up if the body remains strong as the year progresses.


Fixx Nutrition was the Nutrition Partner at the 2021 GC50 Running Festival. Fuel X Endurance Fuel was the on course nutrition electrolyte carbohydrate drink used by the runners.

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