Are you gearing up for the May Ultra Trail Australia running event. 


As a participant in this Herculean feat of endurance, it goes without saying that you need to be well-prepared and trained. Whether you are taking part as an avid runner or a first-timer in search of adventure, having sound advice and tips on how best to approach your ultra trail race will give you the much-needed confidence boost.


We have compiled some great preparation and trail running training tips so you can easily tackle this mountainous obstacle.


Here’s what you need to know.


What is Trail Running?


Trail running is an adventure-filled sport enjoyed by millions worldwide. Exploring nature one step at a time, trail running offers an intense outdoor workout in gorgeous surroundings.


It’s part hiking and part running, usually done on dirt paths, covering long distances with varied terrain such as hills, rocks, and mud. Trail runners are often prepared for unpredictable weather conditions and sometimes must navigate their way around obstacles.


This makes it a challenging yet exciting form of exercise that helps build both physical endurance and inner strength.

What is an Ultra Trail Marathon?


An Ultra Trail Marathon is an incredibly intense and challenging type of endurance race, characterised by difficult mountain trails and other off-road terrain. It is typically any offroad race that is longer than 42.2 kilometres.


Not only do runners have to compete with the distance, but they must also climb hundreds (sometimes thousands) of vertical feet during the course of the race. This makes an ultra-trail marathon one of the most physically demanding events out there.


The May Ultra Trail Australia


The May Ultra Trail Australia is a unique experience that rewards the concerted effort of preparation and training. In 2023, the race takes place over four days, with running distances of 100km, 50km, 22km, and 11km.


The course covers some of Australia’s spectacular scenery including rugged mountains and dense rainforest trails. Plenty of elevation awaits as you make your way from the starting point in Katoomba to then finish at the same location.

Nutritional Requirements to Nail the May Ultra Trail Australia

Nailing the May Ultra Trail Australia requires more than just physical training – preparation of your body’s nutrition is also key.


Before you hit the trails, make sure to educate yourself on the nutritional needs of a long-distance trail race. The recommended fuel for this course should include hydration drinks to maintain electrolytes, fresh fruit to provide essential nutrients, and protein bars and shakes for additional energy.


Remember that proper nutrition during an ultramarathon isn’t about eating lots – it’s about consuming essential nutrients at regular intervals throughout your challenge.

Ultra trail Running Tips


Ready to hit the trails? Here are some helpful tips to remember when running an ultra-trail marathon:


  • Start slow and steady – don’t exhaust yourself before you have even begun. Take your time to get used to the terrain and gradually increase your pace as you go. That’s why training is so important prior to the event
  • Prepare for the worst-case scenario – bring along a first aid kit, extra snacks, and a flashlight in case you get lost or injured.
  • Know your limits – trust your body and listen to it. If you are feeling too tired or sore, slow down or rest for a while.
  • Have fun and enjoy the journey- running an ultra-trail marathon is a unique experience that should be savoured. Don’t forget to take in the scenery, smell the flowers, and appreciate the amazing nature around you.
  • Stay positive – if you enter a race with a negative attitude, it will reflect your performance. Focus on your successes and don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t go according to plan

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