Amazing Product That I’ll Continue to Use – Bret, Ironman

“I completed the Cairns 70.3 last weekend and just wanted to say thanks and give you some feedback on your awesome product. I’ve suffered from cramping in races in the past and it was the one thing I was worried about in the lead up to this race. But after seeing your product I grabbed some to try in the race and I can honestly say that it works really well. There were times during the race I could feel cramps coming on but CrampFix took that feeling away. Not 1 cramp throughout or after the race – amazing product that I’ll continue to use. Thanks” 👍🏼

Do you need relief from muscle cramping? Do you need something to fix muscle cramps? Prevent muscle cramps?

CrampFix is an easy to use, fast acting, sports supplement.

CrampFix® works through the nervous system by stimulating the sensory nerves in the throat. Pretty simple really!

The CrampFix® formula has just the right ingredients (which are all natural, gluten free & vegan) to rapidly relieve and prevent muscle cramps.


Simply drink 15 to 20ml of the concentrated formula – no dilution or mixing required – OR swirl for approx 30 secs around the mouth and discard.

The swirl and spit method is perfect for athletes who have sensitive stomachs or who do not wish to digest extra nutrition.

Each 50ml bottle has enough for 3 to 5 serves and can be ordered online now at www.crampfix.co/buy