Lucky for John Dixon, CrampFix were at the Sports & Lifestyle Expo at the Noosa Triahtlon on the weekend!

John has completed the Noosa Triathlon an amazing 28 times!! The last 15 times John suffered from terrible calf cramps in the run leg which probably led him to drop by the CrampFix stand at the Expo just the day before the event.

John was advised by CrampFix to keep a bottle in his transition kit and to take approximately 10 to 20ml before heading off on his run with the aim of preventing cramps from coming on. To his pleasant surprise, John did not experience any calf cramps at all on the run leg!

This is the email CrampFix received from John, 2 days after the Noosa Triathlon.

“Hi CrampFix, I just completed my 28th Noosa Triathlon, every year for the past 15 years I have had calf cramps when starting the 10k run leg, I bought a bottle of CrampFix at the Noosa Expo the day before the event, During the event I took a swig of CrampFix as soon as I got off the bike, I had no problems with my calf muscles the entire run leg, thanks CrampFix.”





CrampFix provides athletes a valuable tool to manage muscle cramps. It works neurologically.

After taking CrampFix the sensory nerves in the throat are activated to send a signal through the spinal cord to control the overactive nerves where the muscles are cramping. It works rapidly to prevent as well as treat muscle cramps.

It is recommended to take CrampFix just 10 minutes before exercise or before expected cramp stage. This will work well to prevent any impending cramps.

If cramp does strike CrampFix can be taken to provide rapid relief, allowing athletes to continue to perform.

CrampFix is an all natural proprietary formula with a specific Ph level and combination of minerals. It is Gluten Free and Vegan.

For more information visit www.crampfix.co