A simple, easy to use oral spray could be just the thing to keep your night cramps away!

Just 4 sprays of this tangy, sour cherry flavored spray in the mouth! Easy! Rapid Relief!

The latest science around stopping muscle cramps is about using a natural food-based formula. Think icecream brain freeze! You know when you eat icecream too fast or drink an ice cold slushy and immediately you get a weird reaction in the head? So to get rid of a muscle cramp fast, science has discovered cramps can be relieved with the right food-based formula – immediately!

Do you cramp at night?

Keep a bottle beside your bed to use when cramp strikes. Use when you need it.

Or if you cramp most nights then use it preventively before you go to sleep!

If the cramp doesn’t go away within seconds then spray another 4 times into the mouth.

If it’s is really bad you can always remove the lid and drink it!


The maximum daily dose is 100ml. We recommend you check with your doctor before using it.

All Natural. Gluten-Free. Vegan.

Made in Australia.

How does CrampFix get rid of night cramps so fast?

CrampFix works by activating sensory nerves in the mouth. A safe, new way of treating muscle cramps. Based on studies conducted in the United States. No need to take it daily like usual supplements.

Read our 5-star reviews on our Facebook page! CrampFix has been helping athletes around the world fix their cramps! The new Oral Spray is perfect for people suffering non-exercise related muscle cramps!

What are the ingredients?

All CrampFix products are all natural, gluten free & vegan.

Ingredients include water, vinegar, salt, sugar & quality natural flavours.

The great news is that CrampFix does NOT need to be swallowed to work! If you prefer not to ingest any of the ingredients you do have the option of swirling around the mouth and discarding. Yes! it will still get rid of the cramp!!

Lemon, Raspberry & Sour Cherry Spray are caffeine free.

Espresso CrampFix contains 7mg caffeine per serve. (Recommend for use during exercise only.

Are your cramps related to exercise? Then CrampFix QuickFix Shots offer long lasting, rapid relief from muscle cramps.