To cater for growing global demand, Queensland headquartered nutrition and wellness company Fixx Nutrition is expanding its manufacturing capabilities as both domestic and international customers seek out its all-natural sports and dietary supplements. 

This new manufacturing facility located in the heart of Burleigh Heads, on the Gold Coast, will see the business double production volumes of its CrampFix, Fuel X and Energy Gel product lines by a factor of more than 100 per cent as it looks to launch in the South African market, off the back of further growth in international markets like the United Kingdom, South Korea and the United States of America. 

Founded in 2017 by keen athletes Michelle and Jan Buchegger, Fixx Nutrition draws on 20 + years of experience in food manufacturing to research and explore innovative ideas to resolve cramping and provide nutrition for endurance athletes. 

Its fast-growing market share among amateur and professional athletes alike is being matched by the ubiquity of the Fixx brand at iconic athletic events as diverse as the Gold Coast Marathon and Sydney Marathon, as runners, cyclists, footballers and cricketers alike use it as their method of choice to deal with cramp and muscle fatigue. 

For Fixx Nutrition Co-founder Jan Buchegger, this new manufacturing facility is the ideal way for the business to build market share while still being able to produce their all-natural product range only five minutes away from the iconic Burleigh Heads beachfront.

“Professional and amateur athletes from sporting codes across the globe use Fixx’s range of all-natural world-leading sports and dietary supplements and this new facility is designed to allow us to meet demand in established domestic and global markets while embarking on new ventures in places like South Africa,” Mr Buchegger said. 


“Our clients include professional cyclists, triathletes, local sporting codes such as the AFL along with the NRL, the New Zealand, English and Pakistani international cricket teams, national Rugby sides like the Wallabies and the Springboks, along with most of the English Premier League clubs. We believe the greater care athletes are driving this demand are taking to around what they put in their bodies and our products are designed to provide them with an all-natural formula to relieve their fatigue-induced symptoms like cramping or improve performance using legal and approved products. “


Fixx Nutrition was founded in 2017 by Michelle and Jan Buchegger after selling their previous business, food manufacturer and supplier Fehlbergs Fine Foods to Australian food giant Riviana.

A late-night phone to procure some pickle juice from a leading sports scientist for athletes in his care was the impetus for Jan and Michelle to move into the sports nutrition category.

Both passionate athletes were committed to ensuring their product range was derived from all-natural, ethically sourced, and Australian-made products.

Since 2020, the business has been on a rapid growth trajectory,  with significant announcements including an Australia-wide distribution deal for its products with Woolworths Supermarkets, bringing its retail presence to over 1,000 stores nationally while building its global presence in countries like the United States, Europe and Asia off the back of its renowned signature CrampFix range. 

Fixx Nutrition harnesses all-natural ingredients specifically selected to replicate the efficacy of pickle juice in treating what can be the often random, severely debilitating, involuntary, painful episodes of muscle contraction that strike even the world’s top athletes.


CrampFix® provides athletes instant relief via its own all-natural sports nutrition formula packaged in an easy-to-carry 20ml sachet or 50ml squeeze bottle (compared to carrying a jar of pickle juice),  designed to give sportspeople the relief they need via effective measured doses.


It has recently launched an all-natural, vegan-friendly and gluten-free Gel X PRO range designed to improve amateur and professional athletes performance via a carefully measured, gut-friendly, preservative-free and all-natural formula of amino acids, carbohydrates and sodium to provide runners next weekend with a dual energy source available in Lemon Sorbet and Coldbrew Espresso flavour to assist them in getting through the race. 

The ability to provide athletes relief via an all-natural solution through all of their products drives Michelle and Jan. 

“We really believe in turning to nature to find answers to the myriad of problems that athletes face, and we absolutely love our job of harnessing the power of science to provide solutions for athletes worldwide,” Ms Buchegger said.