Drink CrampFix for rapid relief and/or for prevention of painful muscle cramps!

Note – you don’t drink CrampFix for it’s taste!!


We met with the Indian Cricket physio in November 2018, just after the team’s arrival in Australia. They were very pleased to be presented with a product that specifically targets cramping. Cramping in some players has been an on going issue for the team and can impact on their results. When cramp strikes their top players at key moments in the game it can mean the difference whether or not a player can stay on the field. Potentially a difference between winning or losing a game.

CrampFix was developed with professional football players here in Australia. We make all products in our own HACCP manufacturing facility in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

Every batch is tested for banned substances for athletes’ assurance and is Informed Sport accredited. For more information about the testing please click www.informedsport.

CrampFix is all natural, vegan and packed in portable, easy to use packs.

CrampFix Shots, as used by Pujara and the Indian Cricket Team are 20ml single shot sachet packs. Available in 3 flavours Lemon, Raspberry & Espresso. Simply tear open half way and drink! No mixing required.

Also available in 50ml multi-serve squeeze bottles. Simply flip the lid open and drink when required. Easy!

Yes, the taste IS strong! salty and vinegary! the first time using is the worst. You can get used to it and it makes a refreshing pallet cleanser after using sweet sticky energy gels.

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Indian Cricket's Pujara Drinks CrampFix To Relieve Muscle Cramps!