Did you know that contrary to popular relief, hydration and electrolytes on their own can’t always prevent or relieve muscle cramps?

For athletes, muscle cramping and fatigue can severely impede performance, which is why husband & wife team Jan and Michelle set out to develop a remedy in 2015 after hearing about the effects that acetate or vinegar can have on cramps.

The remedy they developed is CrampFix; an all natural, concentrated formula that works rapidly through the nervous system to stop the overacting nerves that are causing muscles to cramp. While using acetate or vinegar to manage muscle cramps isn’t an idea that’s often heard about in the mainstream media, Jan and Michelle decided to look further into it after hearing about particular research from the USA that mentioned American Footballers were having some success managing muscle cramps with these ingredients.

Ironically, Jan and Michelle were familiar with acetate given that it was often used in their condiments factory. Given familiarity with the ingredients & through further research, they decided that CrampFix would initially focus on providing cramp relief to rugby players in Australia.

In the initial trial, the Western Force rugby union team used the early version of the product and it showed great success. Following the trial with the Western Force, CrampFix started to be used by the GWS Giants AFL, the Cronulla Sharks and the Melbourne Rebels. Once it was proven that the product does indeed work effectively, the next step was looking at how CrampFix could be marketed. At this time it was apparent that with the target audience being athletes that suffer from muscle cramps, developing a sports supplement drink would be the best course of action.

With a background in food manufacturing, including ice cream and condiments, and with a broad range of business skills that include marketing, product development, finance management and accounting, Jan and Michelle felt confident they had the key skills that are needed to launch this new business venture. They continuously draw from their experience and they are dedicated to making CrampFix a name known throughout the entire athletic community.

CrampFix works by stimulating the sensory nerves in the throat, which then sends further signals to the nerves. Much of the research regarding acetate/vinegar and how they play a role in preventing and relieving muscle cramps is still not widely known. There is definitely skepticism out there but once athletes try CrampFix, they seem to be hooked on the undeniable results!