Whether you are an experienced distance runner or a beginner, getting your nutrition right for the Fisiocrem GC30 Main Beach can be very tricky. With a huge selection of products available for runners, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice? Sports gels, bars, chews and drinks are generally mass produced and often include ingredients with weird sounding names that can be impossible to pronounce. Not to mention the effect these products can have on your system and your running result.

The key elements needed to successfully fuel a run include hydration (fluid), electrolytes (4 key minerals to replace what you are losing) and carbohydrate (energy) intake. These are all vitally important but how can we consume all of these sufficiently while moving to keep our body moving?

The easiest way to consume all these elements is to drink a pre-mixed endurance fuel like Fixx Nutrition Fuel X. With the right blend of electrolytes and the right quantity and type of carbohydrates, this liquid endurance fuel will also keep you energised and well hydrated. Fuel X is a powder which mixes easily with water and can be sipped from an aid station cup, drink bottle, soft flask or hydration vest during your run.



How to use Fuel X Endurance Fuel in the GC30


The day before your race

Add one scoop of your favourite Fuel X flavour to 500-700ml chilled water and sip during the day and if you can repeat even better. There are huge benefits to pre hydrating as well as pre-loading carbohydrates which will impact how your body feels on race day.

The morning of your race

Add one scoop to 250-500ml water and sip over the hour before the start of the run.

Start line

Just before the start gun goes off, drink one all natural, small batch Fixx Cold Brew Energy 50ml shot! With an amazing 150mg naturally occurring caffeine, the equivalent of a double espresso this shot will get you focused and energised for a strong start. This is your pre-run coffee! Enjoy! Being Cold Brewed this product is low in acidity and will mean you will not necessarily need to visit the toilet.

During the run

Drink 1-2 cups of pre-mixed endurance fuel as provided at the Refreshment Stations. 

At the 15-20km mark, consume an all-natural double espresso Fixx Cold Brew Energy Shot! Small enough to carry in your pocket or running belt, the caffeine will help you to re-focus and the carbohydrates will energise you to get you to the finish line.

After the run

Drink 1-2 cups Fuel X in the Recovery Area after you have finished your race, grab some water, stretch, relax & enjoy the glory!