If anyone knows about fueling it’s Nick Hall. Ironman, Marathon, and Ultrarunner he’s seen it all with just recently competing in the intense Ultra-Trail Australia 100km event in the Blue Mountains this past weekend. If you’re questioning how you should be fueling, here’s how to fuel like an ultra 100 runner!

What fuels Nick?

Nick has been using the Fixx Fuel X Endurance Fuel from the very start, trialing all flavours from the developmental stage of the product. Fuel X has now become Nick’s racing and training fuel of choice, he says ‘The benefit Fuel X has over other electrolyte hydration products is it is a full liquid nutrition product. Fuel X contains all the carbs and calories necessary to be a complete fuel product, without the addition of sticky gels. This makes fuelling on race day so much simpler – for me it’s 1 bottle per hour, and that’s all the nutrition I need to keep me going.’ Nick’s favorite flavour of Fuel X is the Tropical which lucky for him was on course at all the aid stations during the Ultra-Trail Australia event making his race-day nutrition a breeze!

Why is fueling the right way so important?

When asked why having the right fuel is so important in long-distance events Nick said ‘By their very nature, endurance events push your body to the limit of its capability. Ensuring you are feeding the right mix of calories, carbs, and electrolytes is simply crucial. We have all seen (and hopefully not experienced) people ‘bonk’ and run out of glycogen stores – and it’s not pretty. Once you are behind on your nutrition it’s very hard to get back to a good performance level. Using the product regularly in training and coming up with your own personal hydration/nutrition strategy is key to a good performance.‘ This is why Nick chooses to train and race on Fuel X as it contains all the electrolytes, carbs, and calories needed to push his body to its limits.

So what’s next for the ultra 100 runner?

Nick is on the lookout for his next race though after completing his major goal of the UTA 100 he is quite happy to spend some extra time going on adventures with his family and keeping fit. Though, we can’t wait to see Nick at his next race powered by Fuel X!

If you want to start fueling like an Ultra 100 runner check out our Fuel X Endurance Fuel.

Fuel X comes in Tropical, Matcha Green Tea, and Nude (Unflavoured). Fuel X Pro which contains Amino Acids comes in Lemon-Lime and Pear.