It’s no secret that a cup of coffee instantly makes you feel more energised and alive, but what are the effects of caffeine and your exercise performance?

Some people swear by having a cup of coffee before an event and others stay as far away as possible from it. Luckily for those that can’t go without it, an energy boost isn’t the only benefit it has! Studies have shown that consuming caffeine before a race can actually improve your strength and endurance, and can result in a faster time by seconds. Caffeine can also lower your body’s adenosine level and reduce/delay muscle pain because the pain receptors in the body cells are blocked. It can also strengthen muscle contractions during exercise which means you can produce more force and the ability to push yourself further.

Consuming both caffeine and carbs together can be beneficial to refuel muscles faster and aid in muscle recovery. Studies show that when combined, glycogen levels are much higher compared to consuming carbs alone. Glycogen is an essential fuel for intense exercise and is a relatively slow process to restore, so to increase those levels faster will be a great advantaged to any athlete.

Furthermore, becoming mentally fatigued can be a major challenge for athletes and can effect your physical and skill-based performance and cognitive ability. Caffeine has been shown to improve mental focus and energy by activating areas of the brain and nervous system.

A sensible amount of caffeine can help improve your exercise performance, but for some people it might not be suitable. Some common side effects of caffeine include increased heart rates, anxiety, and stomach discomfort so make sure to avoid having more than the recommended daily intake.

Does Caffeine Improve Exercise Performance?

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