Congratulations Dani de Francesco on an amazing 2022 National Road Series Win!


You can’t be a champion cyclist without getting your nutrition right and it just so happens that Dani is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist at Pogo Physio and a Fixx Sponsored Athlete.

Dani’s Race Day Fuelling Tips:
  • Fuelling with Fixx always begins the day before the start of a tour.
  • Sip on Fixx Fuel X during the day before to ensure liver and muscle glycogen stores are stocked up.
  • During the race and even if the weather is a little cooler the humidity can still be high so be sure to get through a Fixx Fuel X drink bottle per hour.
  • For short TT and Crit efforts make sure you keep the carb intake high with sips of Fuel X over the day.
  • It can be hard getting yourself ready to race again after a hard TT effort, so the Fixx Coffee Shot is the perfect little kick before the crit race.
  • In warm weather it is very important to replace electrolytes with the Fuel X all day, pre and post-race, to recover optimally.
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