Endurance is a hot topic among runners, and even seasoned pros are always looking for new ways to push longer and farther on the trail or track. Energy gels are some of the most innovative solutions on the market, offering enhanced endurance to help you reach the next mile in stride. 


Fueling your body properly is vital not just as an athlete but a healthy human being. Good nutrition is at the heart of fitness and wellness. Nutrition becomes even more important when performing physical activity for an extended period of time. Marathon gels are specifically designed to help runners covering long distances maintain strength, stability, and stamina until they reach the finish line.

What Are Marathon Gels? 


Marathon gels are a type of energy gel for runners that helps them maintain a steady pace and even stride for longer periods of time. During a race, it’s natural for the body to lose electrolytes through sweat — this can lead to an imbalance that causes cramps and muscle fatigue.


A marathon gel provides your body with a rapid dose of essential carbohydrates and those precious electrolytes, and sometimes, even a little caffeine. Let’s break down precisely what each of these ingredients can do for you on the track.


Carbohydrates are the foundation of energy. Your body converts carbs into fuel, and they are stored in the form of glycogen. However, everyone’s body has a limited storage of glycogen in their body. Running is a high-energy activity that can quickly deplete your internal energy source. As glycogen runs lower, you start to slow down. 

Getting a mid-marathon boost of carbohydrates through a marathon gel can keep your pace consistent and fend off fatigue.




Salt is a combination of two electrolytes – sodium and chloride. Sodium is lost when we sweat and is one of the most important electrolytes to replace during exercise. It is critical to replace sodium dye to the high-amount lost during a long-distance event like marathon running and a vital addition to any energy-gel. 


Many marathon gels contain low amounts of caffeine. This stimulant blocks adenosine, a chemical in your cells that makes you feel tired, from affecting your brain cells. As a result, you will feel less fatigued as you run. Caffeine can also alter runners’ perception of effort, making their strides feel much easier and offering them additional energy to push through tough miles. 

What Can Marathon Gels Do? 


The key advantages of marathon gels are:


  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Prevent dehydration 
  • Improve energy 


The gels typically provide a quick release of simple sugars, which the body rapidly absorbs and sends to active muscles that need the extra support. 

Energy Gels Aren’t Just for Running

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, swimmer, cyclist, or other athlete, high-quality energy gels can benefit you in any sport. They’re specifically designed to support your body during extended (60+ minutes) of high-endurance activity. 

While you can find energy gels specifically for runners, Fixx Nutrition has built a more versatile mix that helps support every athlete. This means you can count on marathon gel for more than just running a race. It can support your best performance on any adventure.

Exploring Fixx Nutrition’s Energy Gels

Fixx Nutrition stands out when it comes to energy gels for runners, especially those gearing up for long-distance marathons. We make products designed for everyday athletes and professionals — our gels are made from natural ingredients that give you a boost and help you bring your A-game all the time.


Most importantly, our gels are designed to prevent dehydration and rapid electrolyte depletion during high-endurance exercise. By maintaining your body’s mineral balance, you can enhance your performance without compromising health.

Zero Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

We keep our products fresh to support athletes’ greatest performance and well-being. Our use of all-natural ingredients ensure a steady, reliable supply of fuel to your muscles without any undesirable additives. You shouldn’t have to ever trade-off quality and health for performance. We believe they’re all connected.

Easy to Use

You’re running a marathon. Time is of the essence. You know what you can’t afford to do? Fumble with messy packaging, wrappers, and plastic that will only slow you down. Our easy tear-and-go energy gel ensures you get right to the good stuff. 

Great Taste

It has to be said. Some energy gels aren’t worth the cost of flavor. They can be so bitter and unappealing that you’d rather struggle to keep up the tempo than have to endure their formula. We fixed that. Our gels come in lemon sorbet and cold brew espresso flavours, giving you a delicious way to refuel without ever missing a beat. 

Vegan and Gluten-Free

In addition to the fresh ingredients, we’ve ensured our sports energy gels are accessible to as many people as possible. Our formulas are 100% vegan and contain zero gluten.

Why Energy Gels Are So Beneficial 

When you’re performing any sport, it’s essential to keep a proper balance throughout your body. We don’t just mean form — stability and mobility matter, but what really counts is how well you’re doing internally. Fueling for performance requires giving your body the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals to stay in peak condition.


Athletes are never really off the clock. Even during recovery, you need to consider how your diet is going to impact your performance. Though nothing can ever beat good nutrition, we believe that the supplements you take should also provide their own value.


Fixx Nutrition energy gels are designed to enhance performance and endurance without ever compromising your health. We’ve ensured that our formulas are built with nothing but helpful, healthy ingredients to offer much-needed fuel in the throes of an intense sport. 


While energy gels can give you an essential boost during activity, they can also ensure a much smoother recovery. Our formula helps you avoid the sugar spikes and crashes of lower-quality gels, helping you softly transition from that runner’s high into your R&R period.

Explore Our Selection

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