Our Formula

CrampFix®’s proprietary formula has been created to contain just the right blend of astringency, pH and mineral content to provide rapid relief. Unlike some cramp management products, CrampFix® is a no-mix, liquid formula that provides an almost immediate effect to get rid of cramps that most commonly appear during endurance activities.

Our formula was specially developed to help high performing athletes to achieve their performance goals. Other cramp relief products on the market such as magnesium supplements, quinine and sodium may assist in preventing cramps; however, these are useless at the time of cramping due to the required time to digest and provide relief. CrampFix® works within 1-2 minutes to alleviate cramps.

CrampFix® is a concentrated proprietary blend so only small doses are required to get rid of muscle cramps. Our sports range has three flavours available; Lemon, Raspberry, & Espresso. All products are 100% natural, gluten-free, & vegan, and are made in Australia to HACCP quality standards. This highly effective formula is Informed Sport accredited, meaning every batch is tested for banned substances for athletes’ assurance.

Informed Sport

How It Works

CrampFix® treats muscle cramps through the neuro-muscular system. Instead of treating the cramping muscle itself as most commonly done, CrampFix® treats the overactive nerves that are causing the muscles to cramp.

Drinking 10-20mL of CrampFix® stimulates the sensory nerves in the mouth and throat. A signal is then sent through the spinal cord to inhibit the overactive nerve signals. The overactive nerve signals going from the nerves to the cramping muscle are interrupted and the cramp is rapidly relieved or prevented.

How To Use


Drink 1 x 20ml QuickFix SHOT or 10-20ml 5 minutes before a match or training.


Drink 15-20ml of CrampFix® at the first signs of cramping for rapid relief within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


Drink 10ml of CrampFix® after exercise to prevent post-exercise cramps and to reduce muscle tightness.

Drink one sachet every 40 to 60 minutes to prevent cramps from returning.
Maximum daily intake 100ml (5 x QuickFix SHOTS or 2 x 50ml Bottles). Maintain usual hydration & energy


Our sports range consists of our single-serve QuickFix Shot Sachets and our Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle. 

Our 20mL QuickFix Shot contains 20ml of CrampFix®, which is just the right amount to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and tightness. We designed our packaging to be hassle-free and portable because we know that’s the last thing you need to worry about when exercising. When opening each sachet, just tear it halfway to open. We know they can be a little tricky, but you only need to open them slightly as being a liquid it comes out easily.

Our 50ml Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle contains 3-5 serves and is made from soft plastic so it is easy to squeeze into the mouth. The packaging has a flip-top lid so it can be reused and accessed again easily. These are perfect to keep on the sideline during a game or training so you can easily top-up when you need to keep muscle cramps away.



It’s common in field sports that some players are going to cramp when exposed to higher loads and we have looked into different solutions in the past to deal with this.

We have tried pickle juice and other solutions with limited results. CrampFix has solved all of our problems in this area, we have had 4 or 5 instances of players going into severe cramp in early season and a 20ml shot of CrampFix has alleviated all the symptoms almost instantaneously.

We’ve started using the product proactively pre-game and at half time with high-risk players and they have got through high loaded games with lots of contacts without any cramps. I’ve never seen a product that has this kind of effect on cramp before. Some of my players now refuse to play without taking a CrampFix at half time such is their belief in its benefit.

Anything that keeps your best players on the field is worth it and CrampFix has been invaluable to us at times this season.”

Nick Lumley
Head of Strength & Conditioning



“… it works amazingly with no players that use it suffering any cramps”

Mark Noakes
Conditioning Coach & Performance Operation


“… it has been working really well on the few cases we can draw direct conclusions from. Can we get our hands on another 150 bottles please”

Bryce Cavanagh
Head of Athletic Performance


We were the first team to use the product. They now use the product prior to every match. They have seen a significant decrease in players cramping.

Charlie Higgins
Head of Athletic Performance


“IT WORKS!!!! I tried it last night as we put the boys through their paces with a beep test and acceleration drills, the sweat was pouring out of them. … It’s a big thumbs up from me and the trainer would like to have some on hand at all times.” 

Josh Sattler