CrampFix Value Box includes one flavour of 15 x QuickFix Shots

CrampFix QuickFix Shots are designed to be used on the go for athletes. Each sachet contains 20ml of CrampFix which is enough to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and tightness.

Choose from 3 different flavours; Lemon, Espresso, & Raspberry.


CrampFix provides rapid cramp management and was specially developed to help high performing athletes to achieve their performance goals. It is used and trusted by athletes and sports teams all around the world. One 15-20ml shot of CrampFix works within 1-2 minutes to alleviate cramps.

CrampFix is a concentrated proprietary blend so only small doses are required to get the results. This highly effective formula is Informed Sport accredited, meaning every batch is tested for banned substances for athletes’ assurance.

All products are 100% natural, gluten-free, & vegan, and are made in Australia to HACCP quality standards.



Drink 1 x 20ml QuickFix SHOT or 10-20ml 5 minutes before exercise.


Drink 15-20ml at first signs of cramping for rapid relief within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


Drink 10ml after exercise to prevent post-exercise cramps and to reduce muscle tightness.

Drink one sachet every 40 to 60 minutes to prevent cramps from returning.

Maximum daily intake 100ml (5 x QuickFix SHOTS or 2 x 50ml Bottles). Maintain usual hydration & energy



Water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium chloride, natural flavour.



CrampFix QuickFix SHOTS, 20mL

One Serve = 20mL = Entire Sachet

CrampFix Multi-Serve BOTTLES, 50mL

One Serve = 15mL = Approx One Third of one 50ml Bottle



Ave. Quantity  Per 15mL serve        Per 20mL Serve          Per 100mL

Energy                    143kJ (17.1 Cal)            95.6kJ (23 cal)                478kJ (114 Cal)
Protein                     Less than 1g                Less than 1g                    Less than 1g
Fat Total                  Less than 1g                Less than 1g                    Less than 1g
Fat Saturated          Less than 1g                Less than 1g                    Less than 1g
Carbohydrate         4.21g                              5.62g                                28.1g
Sugar                       4.15g                               5.5g                                  27.7g
Sodium                    278.25                           556.5mg                           1855mg
Potassium               0.77mg                          1.02mg                             5.1mg
Calcium                   0.66mg                         0.88mg                            4.4mg
Magnesium            0.46mg                          0.62mg                             3.1mg

Caffeine*                 5.25mg                          7.0mg                               35mg

*Espresso Version ONLY. Lemon & Raspberry are CAFFEINE FREE.


When opening each sachet, just tear it halfway to open. We know they can be a little tricky, but you only need to open them slightly as being a liquid it comes out easily!

Our 50ml Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle is perfect for long-distance runs so you can continually have small sips on the go to keep muscle cramps away.


All of our products are backed with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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What is a muscle cramp?

A muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary or contraction of one or more of your muscles. These contractions or spasms are painful and can occur in various muscles. The muscle or muscles get tight and do not relax. CrampFix can help relax these tight, contracting muscles.

What causes muscle cramps?

To date, nobody knows what causes muscle cramps. The common belief is that cramps are caused by a lack of magnesium, salt, or other minerals. It is also thought that a lack of hydration or a build-up of lactic acid can cause cramping.

How is CrampFix different from other muscle cramp products?

CrampFix treats muscle cramps rapidly through the nervous system rather than treating the actual muscle itself. The unique CrampFix formula acts as a sensory stimulant in the mouth and throat to send a signal to the spinal cord to block overactive nerve signals which are causing a muscle to cramp or spasm.

How does CrampFix work?

CrampFix works rapidly to fix and prevent muscle cramps by targeting the overactive nerves that are causing the muscles to cramp. We don’t know exactly what causes muscle cramps but we know how to fix them! There is an association between premature muscle fatigue, exercise-induced muscle cramp, stimulation of sensory nerves, and interruption of alpha neutron (nerves) firing.

A mouth-to-nerve-to muscle connection.

When should I drink CrampFix?

Drink one shot of CrampFix 5-10 minutes before activity to prevent cramps.

Drink when the cramp strikes or at first signs of cramp for rapid relief. If the muscle cramp is not relieved after a few minutes, repeat dose.

How much do I need to consume for it to work?

To prevent cramps consume 10-20ml or 1 x QuickFix Shot approximately 10 minutes before activity.

To rapidly relieve cramps consume 15-20ml or 1 x QuickFix Shot when cramping strikes or at the first signs of cramp.

What ingredients are in CrampFix?

CrampFix® is a supplementary sports food that helps high-performing athletes to achieve their performance goals.

The all-natural, gluten-free, & vegan formula has a specific blend of astringency and pH level that provides reliable and rapid relief for muscle cramps.

Ingredients: water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium & natural flavour.

Is Crampfix safe to use?

Crampfix is made in Australia from all-natural food sources and electrolyte minerals. It is not intended to replace water, carbohydrates, or electrolyte supplements; rather improves the way these necessities are utilized during moderate and high-intensity exercise. Please use it as directed on the packaging.

How much can I consume in a day?

You can safely consume at least 100ml per day.

2 x 50ml bottles OR 5 x 20ml QuickFix Shots

How do I know it does not contain any substances prohibited by ASADA or WADA?

The CrampFix formula has been tested for banned substances by LGC Laboratory in the United Kingdom. The testing program used is the Informed Sports banned substance test. If you require the results we are more than happy to provide these to you.

What is the scientific evidence behind it?

There are several key studies supporting the effect. Dr. Kevin Miller of Central Michigan University has conducted research supporting the beneficial effects of acetate and ‘pickle juice’. The first clinical trial was conducted on electrically induced muscle cramps (EIMC) which convincingly proved that ‘pickle juice’ successfully and rapidly reduces EIMC when compared with water as a placebo.

CrampFix is a highly effective formula that took three years to develop specifically for professional athletes.

How long can I keep an open bottle of CrampFix and how should I store it?

Simply close the flip-top lid and keep it sealed until you need to use it again. Due to the low pH level, CrampFix can be safely stored as long as the lid remains on and no foreign particles fall into the bottle. Check the Best Before date on the bottle.

Why does CrampFix have a strong taste?

One of the main ingredients is acetate (vinegar) which has a very strong and dominating taste. Most athletes find they get used to the taste after using the product a few times.

Where can I buy CrampFix?

Buy CrampFix online at https://fixxnutrition.com/ or at selected stores throughout Australia and worldwide.

Who makes CrampFix?

CrampFix is made by Cramp Fix Pty Ltd at the Queensland, Australian-based manufacturing facility.

Is it safe to use while pregnant?

CrampFix is not suitable for pregnant women or children under the age of 15.

Is it safe to use with other medicines?

CrampFix is made from all-natural food ingredients but we always recommend you check with your doctor before using it if you are unsure on how it may mix with your medication.