Instant Muscle Cramp Relief

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16 Serve Cramp Performance Variety Pack

Prevent and Stop Leg, Calf, Foot, & Hand Cramps in Seconds!

About our product


Effective and reliable relief when you need it. The all-natural, proprietary formula is able to relieve any muscle cramps within 30 seconds to 2 minutes!


Our single serve QuickFix Shots are great when you are on the go and to easily fit in your pocket, OR our multi-serve Flip-Top Lid  Bottles are great for long distances!


CrampFix works through the neuro-muscular system which can work up to 20 times faster than through the bloodstream.


Only use it when you need! Just drink 0.4 – 0.7 fl oz. of CrampFix to prevent or relieve cramps for up to an hour. Drink 0.4 fl oz. after exercise to improve recovery and reduce muscle tightness.


Our sports range is Informed Sports accredited meaning every batch is tested for banned substances for athletes assurance.


The all-natural CrampFix formula contains no artificial ingredients or added preservatives.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Worked as described, and will be buying more!

I used these at a recent Ironman event, and they worked really well. I experienced cramping during the bike and the run, and within 1-2 min of taking CrampFix, things completely subsided. Definitely purchasing for future races.

– Bill Gustin


Fixed me

Great product, I’m always doing running events, OCR’s or Marathon runs , I’ve always cramped even though I get enough training milage in but now I make sure I dont cramp, definitely has helped me

– Michael sanford


This product definitely works!

I love this product, saved me from extreme cramps

– Kil k.


Buy it!

Worked amazing during my 1st Ironman!

– Amazon Customer


Buy it!

Worked amazing during my 1st Ironman!

– Amazon Customer


It does what it says. I was put onto it by a mate doing triathlons and it’s saved me from cramping up at the UTA and a couple of other events. There’s no way I’d do an event without it.

– Michael Brewer


I rode in the TDU challenge, 140km into the challenge I could feel my leg starting to cramp, I used my CrampFix while still staying in the saddle, within 30 secs it was way less and after about 1 minute the cramp has gone completely, I didn’t lose time or even get off my bike, highly recommend.

– Craig Marshall



Our sports range consists of our single-serve QuickFix Shot Sachets and our Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle. 

Our 20mL QuickFix Shots are the perfect size to fit in your pockets, running belts, and even wetsuits. We designed our packaging to be hassle-free and portable because we know that’s the last thing you need to worry about when racing. Each sachet contains 20ml of CrampFix®, which is just the right amount to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and tightness. When opening each sachet, just tear it halfway to open. We know they can be a little tricky, but you only need to open them slightly as being a liquid it comes out easily.

Our 50ml Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle contains 3-5 serves and is made from soft plastic so it is easy to squeeze into the mouth. The packaging has a flip-top lid so it can be reused and accessed again easily. These are perfect for long-distance, if your are carrying a pack, or to keep at the end of the pool so you can continually have small sips whilst exercising to keep muscle cramps away.

Product Details


Maintaining our uncompromising quality standards across the entire process of ingredient selection, manufacturing through to packaging, all CrampFix range of products are manufactured exclusively in Australia.


Water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), natural flavor.


Store below 86°F away from direct sunlight.

How it Works